Wednesday, October 31, 2007

food o food.

we had good food today with my family @ Breeks (Changi Airport). well u know, with kids around, tendency of asking for more serviettes, more straws, more cups is higher and i was like a part-timer/maid who kept cleaning up the mess done by these 2 mischievious yet adorable kids.

and they wanted icecream sooo i randomly ordered a Massive Attack. and hell yeah, i was shocked when it came. seriously massive. as big as my head!

we were happy and we turned crazy...

anddd this is SADAKO's only child ORRRR more like JU-ON's sister! wahahhaaha.

but watever it is, they made my day :)

now, side-track.

i wanna say something. something about students. specifically, secondary school ones esp the same race as me and the same gender as me, in where?


first, they are in groups of say not more than 5.

second, how short their school skirt can be with the watever styled hair they carry to school.

the last, i cannot carry is when they LAUGH/GIGGLE and TALK with the maximized volume they can turn on. and sometimes with the inappropriate words like "sial", "bodoh", "sual" etc.

i have no qualms with guys projecting those foul words buttt to come from a girl.


morning blues.

waking up too early in the morning is not a norm for me.
what more, going to town in a morning whereas i can actually choose not to hehe. anyway, its a good thing for me thou. rise and shine yo.

i have to stay discreet of where and what i was doing in town BUTTTT the paranomic view from one of the higher level of the tower seriously amazed me man. how i wish at that time, i cud snap a pic. anddd damnnnn, there was a cool RED FERRARI too by a bar.

oh and this was wat i captured along the way. wats tat called? eye of singapore issit? ahaha. okayyy, isit operating rite now?

and i had the urge to eat Gelare (sorry cousin, aku cekik dulu) so here it is. hottt waffle with paralines & cream, topped with choc syrup for lunch! the gal didnt understand simple english as in the normal one means the small one and not the large one. geez. if i wanted the large one, i would have said "Get me the largest one u have!".
nevertheless, i enjoyed it! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

and i forgot.

and i forgot to announce that


I have passed the 200th post. hehe. hey, tats a very big achievement seeing that most of them are pointless/merepekness/shioksendri-ness! huhu.

and so, i was browsing thru this year's celebration pics and seriously, time flies past seriously fast man.

okay, they do not need anymore introduction lah. they are not my own, ofcos! :)
(sorry that the pics have to be small cos it has been giving problm to upload other than this size)

the kumbangs

the bungas andddd it will take seribu tahun lagi to capture this perempuan-melayu-terakhir moment yo!

damnnnn.. i have been having problem to upload images. sux lah wei. i might have to resort to other meansssss sooonnn.

hip hip hooray!

today is the day which made my day and good things happened.

first, i had my first visit at new Starbucks @ Civic Center Woodlands, to be served by a very welcoming, friendly barista who was so friendly to the extent of sharing with me the last outlet he was attached at ANDDD where he lives which is sooooo nearby. bloody beaming man, thats the way customer service is. seriously made my day, seeing that i had Caramel Machiatto near lunch, which was heavenly made. very nice chap!

secondly, soon there will be a SURPRISE which i get to know that someone is taking up a challenge and im so cant wait for it :) (you know who you are!)

last, what can be so much nicer to be remarked of, in ending my day other than receiving good/overwhelmed comments like "very good", occasional nods to indicate GOOD/"thats the correct way it should be done" butttt too much of it, might make me too overconfident anddd so, i took it everything butttt not lah sampai "KEMBANG/tersengeh-sengeh/shiok sendrik" or so watever. as what i have mentioned in my earlier post, my ultimate aim is to pass for the first time anddd if lets say, its fated i were to fail, lets hope it stops at the 2nd attempt. to give it all is to give 100% focus. no nonsense anymore. no chatting. no laughing. 100% give-it-all. Period.

imran ajmain.

this song has never left my mind. from aliff sang it to the original artist. sungguh memilukan, sungguh menyedihkan, sungguh touched my heart. come on, everyone(i bet) loves this song. if you dont, there must be something wrong with you or your heart or you are numb and have no feelings at all.

from my perspective of this song, it doesnt only apply to love, relationships buttt also to what can be called dreams and wants and also it can be love to GOD also, dont you think so? something like u have great the ever greatest sins ever to Him, and He gives u the ultimate retribution(ambek kau!). thats what i think.

PS: SetanMati, if you could carry this song, i respect giler kat you. giler pon tak respect macam tu okay.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Emil Emilda.

seriously i recommend this show(@ YouTube). it took me 2 days to finish all 25 episodes. there might be alot of anger when you watch Darleena(Ziezie) and also Emil(Aaron Aziz) who is too egoistic. Emilda is cute(Sharifah Armani)and selenge and shes damn funny. coming to the few last part, its HOT and its abit sad that i cried buckets boohoo! oh! and there is Fahrin Ahmad who appeared at the last few episodes, not much of role.

"Relaku menunggumu, seribu tahun lama lagi".

Sunday, October 28, 2007

19 more days.

okayyy this is it.

my TP test will be on 17 Nov 2007. yes yes, this year, next month. not the long further next year already. wahaha. i dont expect too much from this first attempt, seeing the fact that most cant make it on their first EXCEPT for someone(huhu) and those who have motorcycle license in hand!

one thing that knocked my sense came last week when my instructor reviewed that i am very good in circuit BUTT when it comes to the road, i lacked confidence. okay, y is tat so? because when there were hazards, i had the tendency to tell him of their existence and sooo he assumed tat must be it. lack of confidence. and soooo, i took the next practical but this time with a not-familiar chinese instructor who was quite stern and so, i drove, no talking and concentrated 100%. well, not tat bad actually. i just needed full concentration on my part. seriously, i want to pass for the first time (who doesnt??!!) andddd for the first time, i had my parents both in the car and did some rounds around a deserted carpark near my place. auto car is definitely easier than manual and cousin, i will be expecting you to pass on your first oraits!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

no offense.

no offense but ITE students are seriously good at singing. not that ITE student population comprises of mostly malays which i am trying to focus here buttt seriously, they are talented bunch of people. are there like talentimes/concerts or wateva happening over there? :) i happened to surf Anugerah 2007 participants and hell yeah like wat..err 90% of them are/were from ITE. i read that one of the ITE lecturers who was just awarded with some best teacher honored by the ITE, mentioning that the students are indeed very good in singing/art and so she adopted teaching skills along that line. how fascinating is that, to be in a class and everyone starts to cite poetry, sing, play piano and strum guitar. interesting heh.

anddd being me, i like to observe whoever and whateva anddd so i find that singers(not ALL) has that layered teeth u know, somewhere at the side definitely not front! to name a few like Dayang Nurfaizah, SITI (on her right side, nice layered ofcos), misha omar(?), fauziah latiff yada yada. its kinda weird thou to have this thinking but having seen alot of female singers esp, upfront and zoomed in into their mouth sometimes(!), i bet this might be quite true of which when u have layered teeth, most prob when u open it up to sing, it might turn out good ! so go and find out ur true inner talent! haha. okayyyy, i hope i dont dream of teeth tonite!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

braino + goodlooks. cannot carry man.

i got this from an email :)
drool gals, drool for all you can. wahahhaha.
oh ya, for those who have no idea who he is.
the angkasawan.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the urge.

from one vid leading to another vid.

anddd i found this.

the movie title is Mann. if im not wrong, right after this singing-dancing-happy moment, the gal got into an accident where both of her legs got amputated whichhhhhhh brings me back to the many incidents back in sunway, whereby we were soooooo bloodyyy happy like nobody's business, then somehow, something badddd and sadddddd would follow after that! HAHA. i am serious. okayyy, now i can recall only one incident. me, ezie and farah. we were laughing and crying over jokes which we made about SOMEONE which were quite horrible BUTT very funny serious shit. sampai nangis2 woh. and sooo farah drove her way back home while me and ezie walked back to hostel. as we were about to reach the entrance, farah called and cried over her breakdown vehicle. huahahhahahah. :)
and there were quite a number of them lah, i cant remember except this very significant one :) :)


i am currently having a dilemma. so let me just jot it down for the sake of just letting it out. it has always been a critical advice to me as to whatever we do in our lives, it has to be "clean". whatever we input in our bodies, it has to be "clean". pondering i am now to wander about the chances of getting on something that more or less contributes to the "uncleanness". its not that bad actually. buttt, without even considering it lessens my opportunities to do something in life that pays handsomely. who doesnt want money??! tell me. money makes the world work man! happiness without money, is total bullshit now.

buttt give some freedom, have trust. what really sadden me is this phrase :

"kau nak aku mati cepat?"

thats the most saddening. i was carrying out my duty to get what i wanted and definitely what my parents want. i didnt ask anyone to be worried about me while i was away. i knew what i was doing. i know how to take care of myself.

i am very sad. ok now its time to listen to Rudy's Salam Dunia on repetitive mode. :(

that's what talent is.

i cant quite remember which competition year(Anugerah or was it something else) he won buttttt seriously he has great voice. years back, he appeared on Hari Raya specials or even those err..okay, i donno how to put it in malay lah. hehe. okay i try. "nyanyian lagu lagu asli". check out his work at
Dari Kalbuku,Rudy Djoharnaen
andddd his rendition of Salam Dunia is awesome. can dodoi me to sleep :)
not to be missed!

Monday, October 22, 2007


last time it was Mawi.

then Hikmah.

now its Mimpi Manis.

the craze was an ultimate one. i was not one of the keen followers. the gelek2 lilis, shes seriously "WALLOPCIOUS"! hahah. in ALL senses! and the way she dance and gelek, to the right, left, to the front and back. all the same, repetively. buttttt, coming to the part where she has a daughter (played by the same fella), it kinda pulled some interest of mine to catch it due to the existence of Tora (Dora wahah), the seriously heavenly goodlooking actor. other than that, on and off. i didnt even get to watch the very last episode. from my parents, to my sisters, to my bro-in-law, to COUSINssss and worst, broinlaw bought THE karaoke dvd andddd yeaaaa, everyone got a piece of it that now almost every morning my mum plays the vid. goodness gracious.

now it is craze on Hikmah 3. eee, i hate marla.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

the SeOUL.

seoul garden @ causewaypoint got revamped. and its new look is awesome, now that it has Breeks too. a class of its own, its such a contrast to the rest of the restaurants around it. unfortunately, the cooking table + grill is not as spacious as before. why ?

despite this con, i enjoyed the food definitely.

andddd i bought this,

and i find it very cute, dont u? of late, i have this CRAZE for white shoes, now that i have 2 pairs.

there is a story behind this pair. the moment my eyes caught them, i wanted to buy BUTTT becos of my long feet, i needed the largest ever they have and so this guy came for assistance. okay, typically when one of the pair is placed at the top of stacked boxes, its accompanying sizes usually are along those stacked boxes. sooo, this fella, not knowing whats the model and code, i supposed, searched THE OTHER stacked boxes instead of below the pair. andddd he searched and looked and concluded that they do not have it anymore. me being me, wasnt that SATISFIED cos seriously i wanted this pair. and so, there i was SQUATTING and SEARCHING for my size, right BELOW the pair where the stacked boxes were. andddd voila, i saw THE size with the code WHITE. the reason why he didnt continue with the same stacked boxes becos the salesgal CARELESSLY placed 2 initial boxes with the code RED! thanks to my never-give-up that i brought it home now. andddd without further due, i somehow told him off in a very nice manner about him being sleepy/tired or watever had caused the fatigue (or blur or donno whats happening). hes a nice fella anyway, cos he did helped me out to search for my sizes initially. despite this, eventually i was a happy customer :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

guts. where are you ?

how did i manage to do it years back ? hunch? instinct? plain guts?
and it saw the beginning of something tat ended in an unexpected way or perhaps, it was just a waiting game. just waiting to break loose.
guts to face my parents. guts to face my siblings. guts to carry on. how did i do it ?

tat was then.

now, i am faced with another gut of which i cant put up at all. most probably, it might not be a success and i will end up embarassing myself. we dont know what other brains are thinking about. we dont know what is being expected. the only thing we can know is through body language but that depends on one's circumstance.

guts, oh guts. where are you ? :(

Friday, October 19, 2007

terkenang gue.

it was the time when i had nothing better to do (more like tengah membesar huhu). ok don laugh ok.

i was THE fanatic fan of SENARIO. seriously. i remember it was in 2000. and i even went down to Shah Alam Plaza Central to watch their sitcom recording with the rest of THE fanatics who were mostly gals of course including my cousin and aunt. wahahaha. giler kan. and my favorite was Wahid. went to their concerts even in JB. met up close and personal with them, sent them off frm airport and the best, wherever we went, they still remember us. huhu. it all started when aunt asked me along to their concert here way back. they were a hit here man. before the concert, all ads on their concert were splashed all over any forms of media. and i was commenting, what is so good about this Senario. andddddd until i wanted to find out for myself, i went to their concert and that was the beginning of my madness/gilerness/fanaticness of Senario. Apek and Yassin were the ultimate ones and Wahid was the cute and goodlooking. anddddd, like a typical ending, my fanatism towards them ceased when Wahid got married(wahahhahahha, no interest lah) anddddd apek and yassin left the group but still i continued my friendship with the fanatic fans whom i was so closed to.

things dont turn out quite well. u know, when u have lots of friends. unhappiness, bitching, gossipping. i left. went for my studies and the rest did their own stuff. all walked away but some turned out to be best friends which is great. and i dont watch the sitcom anymore. no more of their vcds i have watched. their concert vcds all are stored in the cabinet collecting more dust :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

see no evil, hear no evil.

i wish i have not listened.
i wish i have not read.

traces were left (wonder the stupidity is up to what level now), lens up everywhere.
taking things for granted. one has been working hard and me being the one who saw all the traces, am just waiting for more sins to be accumulated.

what goes around, comes around.


this means i don't get to see free SERIALS, free CEREKARAMAs, free MTVs.


YouTube launches long-awaited video piracy blocker

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SetanMati's Farhana (Jinbara)

becos i loveeeee his cover, i dedicate this song particularly to


FAR (Farhana)

and semua Farhana(s) yang sewaktu dengan nya. Enjoys!

astronaut? "spaceflight participant"

then, they were so delighted and indeed proud of their first Malaysian to go up into space(btw, he is soooo HOT yo :))

now, things messed up by this mere designation name. spaceflight participant. to pray more than 80 times? (*shyshy*, i cant even make it to 5 at times :) on ground) and this in space, 75 times more!

some said it has got to do with politics yada yada, taxpayers' moneyy yada yada.

the only one thing i know, 1 HOTTTTT doctor got the chance to be up in space.damnest lucky to have that opportunity. they think easy heh to go thru all those trainings. see, malays what they like to do. complain complain talk talk complain. but whatever lah, its their country, their pride, their MONEYYY.

one more thing, i want to touch on. its such an eyesore when i see retired pakcik2 sitting at coffeeshop, talking like politician-wannabess, spending hours over only-God-knows number of kopis. oh well, its their life anyways. like wat my niece likes to say ..... WATEVER BOYYSSSS.

taufik batisah or hady mirza ?

fanatics fans of these 2. fret no more. dont need to choose which to DROOL over cossss both are gonna perform at Esplanade soonnnnnn. so go go :)

Pesta Raya - Malay Festival of Arts

andd as for me, kirimkan salam jer lah eh :)

PS: hady cute banget dong!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

like finally.

ahhhh. i LOVE Google. my favorite(*winkwink*) never-once-shown-whole-face guitarist's blog -> SetanMati. anddd about guitars, mine is still at the corner of my room, collecting dust. its like one JU-ON by the side of the bed! wahhhahahah. ok shoot, i sud have not said that! something about this SetanMati that have so many bloggers talking about(i assume lah, since i found this link from another random blogger). besides that, his YouTube vids have lots of hits. lottssss of them. and he knows alot of songs to play + that he has a nice rocker-rocker voice (oh! check out his Jinbara's Farhanah!) :) :) nice. period.

From Hunger To Hope.

have you eaten tat plate of rice + chicken + vege + egg + watever stuff you have filled the plate with till you cant see your rice, CLEANNNN ?

you didnt finish your food, why? bcos you want to have a sleek, nice figure (then y the heck you take so much food in the first place) ?

think of the those kids who cant even savour more than 1 small bowl rice and even worst, to dig out from the trash bins or even to rush and run after food packages thrown down from the mercy relief groups. have you seen those scenes LIVE before? i have yet to see, and i believe it will be quite a heartening one.

spend a few minutes on this World Hunger Relief Week and think of them on ur next breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper time :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

hari raya == (food x 24 x 7) !

all wasted. fast for a month, and all gone in one day!! haha.
hari raya is about forgiving, MONEY ($KAHCHING$) and foooooooddddddd.
sooooooo this was me....

at aunt's place, savouring her low-fat lontong, with big fat sambal prawns. delicious youuuuu till i forgot to snap a pic hehe. see how radiant i was!! it showed good food + good company = happiness forever ever and everest!

i was the server, i was the dishwasher on the first day of Syawal. very tired butttt im okayyyy with that. thats the time to show how doubly FILIAL i am! wahahahhahaha! that is, besides my NORMAL day MAID hours!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

is it me only?

being a self-pledged fulltime MAID, i get agitated when things are placed messily or dishes are as tall as Petronas Twin Towers or even the slightest bit of food on the floor. all thanks to the three years AWAY from home. i had to sweep the floor + mop, wash own dishes, wash and hang and collect and fold own clothes, keep the MASS toilet cleannnnnn, keep the toilet bowl cleannnnn. in one word, to be HYGIENIC + ORGANISED. all this together in addition to the main point being there, to study. sometimes, i spent more time cleaning than even studying, whattt was i doing man.*smack forehead as loud as poss*
andd now, i dread cleaning my own room. sob sob. dust is as thick as okayyyy, its beyond description. LUCKILYYYY, i got my mum to remove the already million-years old blinds which i cant remember when was the last time i even clean it(or maybe i didnt at all!) and im gonna get new curtains for my rooommmmmm. huhuehehehehe. will put up the pic soon annnddd now im off to continue Phase 2. ohhh myyy! :(

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir.

Jamal Abdillah

Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir

Malam menanti siang
Siang menanti malam
Bagai berkurun lamanya
Masa memisahkan kita
Hingga terlupa
Pada paras lupa

Malam mencari mimpi
Siang mencari erti
Tersingkap seribu makna
Terucap seribu kata
Terlepaslah... rahsia

( korus )
Sekian lama terpisah
Akhirnya bertemu
Mengenang dosa
Mengenang rindu
Dan ternyatalah
Cintaku yang satu
oh oh...

Kau kekasih awal dan akhir
Kau kekasih zahir dan batin
Setelah ku sedari
Cintamu yang abadi

Takku harap takku peduli
Walau bulan jatuh kebumi
Dan hadir bidadari
Tak kumimpikan lagi

Kerana kau lebih mengerti

(ulang korus hingga akhir)

Kerana kau lebih mengerti

Ke Halaman Utama

Copyrigth © 1999 Imnogman(TM) (ZZZ Reversed Tech, Inc.)

only His love is the everlasting one.

Monday, October 08, 2007

finger fingering.

my plan years ago, with a guitar, was not a success.
i have always adored gals who can strum it, not only that but sing along too.
i guess i am not fated to strum one buttttttt i plan to take up keyboard(not the PC one ok) lessons. the latest instrument i think is the electone. that stuff are very expensive thou butttt keyboard is just nice for beginners. my bro used to own one long time ago and i donno where it is now. most prob have disappeared into thin air.

acquiring such a skill is just something entertaining with my already-bored life hehe. at least i can play tunes and entertain the kids! hehe. orrrrr play happy berfday tune all year round! hehe.

for those as enthusiastic as me, check this out Yamaha Music Asia Singapore

hey hey hey.

it has been raining everyday, recently. thank God for the rain that i enjoyed my sleep much2 better huhu.

something's gonna take place tomorrow. i hope it is gonna turn out well.

annndddd, it's 4 more days to Hari Raya!

anndddddd me....

after donkey years have been wanting THIS, its just worth the monayyyyy. :)

i REFER to.

my current background is from the following link

justtt in case, someone notices this and make a big fuss that i did not cite where i got it from :). talking abt citations and references, during uni i didnt actually write essays, reports that much or rather its actually close to none.
its all about :-

1.programming analysing & designing, UML notations bla bla bla
3.dry, confusing stuff like formal methods, operating systems bla bla bla

and sooo, when final year project was coming to an end, i was supposed to write a final project report. andddddd guess wat! i was asked to REDO the whole report(i was already happily submitting it right after my presentation!), esp the bibliography format. dammit. what to do. just did it accompanied with verbal abuses and got it done, over and poofed! even thou its 1 mark close to High D, butttt i still like you, Mr ****! hehe.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

have to post this.

i CANNOT wait for raya to come cos by then, i can continue with my driving!
i miss my driving! i miss my instructors!
okayyy, lemme see. hmmm. i cant recall how to start engine! NOT.

ok, i know. pretty lame.sigh.
i have nothing much to post now. neither do i have pics to post BUTTTT
wait for eve raya ok pple. :) :)

7 more days pple!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Xbox Master.

what happens if a little boy as young as 3 years old gets an XBOX as his birthday gift???!!

I GOT SLAMDUNKED AND LOST TO HIM. how shameful is that!

i am talking about my darling nephew who spent nothing but most of his time on Xbox games. tats not about it, he got so agitated when i won for the first 2 rounds and for the next 10 rounds he won. dammit. haha. HOPEFULLY he gets into a polytechnic where there is that wat do call u tat course, the one with game software development and stuff? yeaaa, tat one....which recently this young malay poly guy got a number of awards and a place in a US uni where the experts in gaming were produced. cool heh. okayyyy...talking abt education, i still remember this very classic, unforgettable conversation i had with my mum many years ago. i think i was about to take my O Levels back then.

Mum : Jiji, belajar pandai pandai, nanti masok VI(now known as ITE) eh!

wahahahhaha..that is so unforgettable. and my job is to pass that line down to the smaller ones! hehe. okayyy, what she meant was actually NIE and not VI cos my sister was from there, so its like to follow into her footsteps! (me, teacher?!)

anyway, this is the XBOX master of all masters!

nothing to do, play around

The Loser is happy, life goes on wattttt! :P

we know M Nasir.

there was one particular song sang by an Anugerah 2007 group titled Menentang Badai. i find this song incredibly nice and soothing especially its lyrics and the arrangement.

have a listen to its original. it comes with lyrics too -> Menentang Badai

M Nasir has his unique touch.

kwang kwang kwang.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


alahhh alahhhhh cutenyer budak2 ni smuer, and very good combination cos their voices seriously suit the song!

nasi lemak boon lay.

the last time, i blogged abt this particular bazaar stall selling the POWER nasi lemak Boon Lay and yay! i managed to get hold 4 packets for my family!! and when i was about to order, the uncle showed all of his 10 fingers, buying 10 packets? Melampauuu seh! hehe. tuu kemuntah darah!

PS: for those who are in favor of all-sweet dishes, this nasi lemak dishes do provide that taste. u knw, like the sambal is abit sweet, the serunding and watever dishes that i bought. :) im not the sweet-food lover, im more to the hot spicy one!

Power Nasi Lemak Boon Lay

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

how many days?

i forgot this!


okayy, y all this excitement? becauseeeee after 3 years not being able to be in singapore for ramadhan + hari raya entirely!!

where's my kampung?

seriously, i really envy people in malaysia who has been living in the city to earn a living ANDDDD they have their kampung to go back to during hari raya!! isnt that great, celebrating our festival in kampung-spirited environment? with the chickens, goats, COW-DUNGS !! hehe..and fireworks + hari raya songs + hari raya FOOODDDD and most importantly the Takbir Raya during eve night of Hari Raya. i have not had any chance(or will never even get) to be in tat scene UNLESS i get hitched to someone who does. HAHA. anywayyyyy, there are things in life where we cant get everything we want. im just happy being at where i am now :)

buttt one thing that i cant imagine is, if i were to be working in another country and having to spend ramadhan and hari raya there. thou we do it for our own good and for our best future butttt like wat i said earlier on, we cant get everything and anything:)


"oh yes" or "oh no!" ?

dear singles out there (including myself, and i have read it and errmmm, put it that i have absorbed partially! ), lets give some thoughts on this article :)

10 reasons why Singaporean singles are not dating

Date : 12/09/2007

If you are single and still wonder why you have not found a life partner, it is probably your fault. Lydia Gan of tells you why.
Lydia Gan for AsiaOne

Wed, Sep 12, 2007

Face it. You are a big part of the reason why your marital status still reads 'single'. Lydia Gan, who is the principal director of Wow-Her.Com, an online value creation magazine that provides dating tips and relationship advice for singles in Singapore, gives her reasons for what she feels is a lack of oomph in Singapore's dating scene.

She lists 10 of them here.

1. Lack of Confidence
Have you ever woken up early in the morning, looked at yourself in the mirror and wonder: "Who will ever love me?"

Low self-esteem and fear of rejection can cause such episodes to cripple anyone's love life! As long as such thoughts are foremost in the mind, singles will be unable to take the all-important step to initiate a date or accept one.

2. Clueless In Love
Gone out with a date who looks like he just woke up, has npt brushed his teeth, does not open the door for you and picks his nose at the table? You're probably not alone.

Lack of grooming and communication skills, social and dating etiquette can spell disaster for any potential social opportunities. If you want to network, impress someone on a date or connect with anyone in a relationship, better pick up a copy of Grooming and Etiquette for Dummies.

3. Denying the Coming of Age
Mummy's boy and Daddy's princess. These big kids can't admit that they are adults and of marriageable age. They are comfortable in their roles as mummy's pets and daddy's little girls. Either too spoilt or too sheltered to take the next big step, the day they actually decide to settle down would be the day you strike lottery.

4. Wa Bo-Chap! a.k.a I Can't Be Bothered

Some singles think it is cool to 'act cool' about their singlehood. When their motto is "Singles have more fun!", there really isn't any impetus to get out of this comfort zone. And even if they do want to get attached, they expect their other half to accept them as they are, warts and all. Don't expect these singles to change for the better or settle for compromises.

5. Consistently "Not Ready for a Relationship"
This is the most commonly heard 'default' reason for 'un-dating' singles. They are simply "Not Ready for a Relationship", and are extremely reluctant to do anything constructive to get themselves ready. But as long as you are not ready to prepare yourself for a relationship, you will never find yourself in one.

6. Kia Pai-Seh, or Afraid of being Embarrassed
Afraid of taking the first step, kia paiseh is known as the fear of 'losing face'. Sufferers of such a syndrome will not be caught dead asking someone out for a date or attending any singles events to try and know more people, even self-improvement courses such as dating etiquette.

These activities are akin to announcing to the whole world that they are desperate to get out of singledom. Grow up! There is nothing wrong with wanting to get hitched. Human beings are born to procreate. Be proactive about your dating lives! Truth is, it is much more practical to attend social events and get to know more single friends then to sit around and wait for a life-partner to drop onto your lap!

7. The Fear of Commitment
This phobia is the inability or unwillingness to share their life with someone else or resolve their past hurts. While it can be a valid and emotionally debilitating phobia, a lot depends on whether the single in question recognises the phobia for what it is. Once they do face up to it, there are life coaches, counsellors, self-help books, forums and informative websites that singles can turn to for help. The trick, as always, is to first recognise that you do have that problem.

8. No Money to Date
The financially insecure among us will lament: "No money to buy expensive dinners, how to date?" or "No money to doll up, how to impress anyone on a date?" Well, the good news is dating is about having fun. There are many ways to have fun without spending a lot of money. Sometimes, fun is all about looking into each other's eyes, sharing a laugh or a moment together.

9. Too Busy
All drained after a hard day's work and too caught up with other commitments to find time for romance? Find the well-spring of strength and stamina that is inside everyone. Busy-ness not just a Singaporean affliction. The youth in Hong Kong work as hard as Singaporeans, and their lifestyles are as stressful as ours. But they adopt a work hard, play harder mentality which makes them such a vibrant population. Their singles still make the time and effort to date. The question is: How much is companionship worth to you?

10. Haven't met someone suitable yet
There are 600,000 singles out there in Singapore. If I had a dollar for each single out there, I would be very rich. I am sure you can find one among the 600,000 whom you can relate well with. But are you making the effort to meet them?

Given the above 10 reasons why singles are not dating, I would like to salute everyone who is attached or married for their courage to change, to give love and to receive love, especially those who have attended singles events and coaching sessions. I feel very proud that you have the wisdom to be open and are proactive enough to try and enriching your lives. These are very attractive qualities. Keep it up!

No Charge.

Hari Raya is around the corner, and watching these kinds of vids just touches my heart :)

a memory.

finally i had the chance to sit down and edit my graduation convo vid. and indeed, it shall bring alot of memories down the lane. i giggled as i watched the vid and i was seriously fortunate that my bro was around to capture the whole ceremony from the start till end :)

candid shots are the best. seeing my own self with friends, how i behaved with/around them captured on vid, its like...i laughed at my ownself repeating the scenes and i wonder wat was funny that we unashamedly was laughing abt! okayyy, that showed how happy i was around them :) there might or might not be a chance that i further my studies in future which depends ALOTTT on my will heh. and i wish that i will meet similar friends who bring joy and happiness along the way im going :)

paths were created, paths met, paths crossed. we meet, we leave. helping to make a difference or to add joy to the learn from the experienced, to guide the first learners. pray and pray alot for wat u want, and one fine day, it shall be granted. :)