Monday, May 05, 2008

good break , helloooooo Sunway-KL

yesssa. i met my little minies during the weekend in sunway. had a swelling time just like old good times with them. wen with her i-dont-want-fatty-stuff. ezie with her dont-brush-with-my-h****-legs! haha! the sleepover was damn funny andddd farah the ultimate one. asked me a question which is normally dedicated to guys butttt. huhu. farah, i know u miss him sooo much, but pleasee, me! being the victim ?! hehe. i felt so violated u know huhu. anyways, it was an enjoyable trip with cousin and aunt. with shopping and walk-arounds and abang ajis who brought us around. he is my errrr, "dua pupu" (cousin on the 2nd level hierarchy). basically, altogether i watched movies which coincidentally are horror, played pool, eat and eat and swallow and shit and shop. basically, chilling and putting work issues at the back of my head for good 3 days :) sunway pyramid 2 is awesome. its like giving me a feeling that i am in central KL. oh! and the new additions to sunway theme park look that they deserve a visit, one fine day :)

after sunway, i transited to central KL and went to the new Pavilion and the usual shopping malls there. no changes. its all the same. we even dropped by Secret Recipe just beside the hotel we stayed. told u, its allll about fooooddd. like wat cousin said, the only time our mouths are not munching is during sleeping time. hey, its true. :)

and before we headed home, last check : we went for the finale. hell yea, shop and Old Chang Kee :)

next event, HADY MIRZA! agafagagagaggagaagg.

Food onboard @ Aeroline. Quite impressive. $47 per pax

Chilex-ing @ Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid 2

Was monkey-ing around while waiting for my minies

were at Old Chang Khee behind Sungai Wang Plaza

an hour of pool. i still can play after so long. its a miracle yo!

ah! that choc lava cake with vanilla icecream at Michaelangelo's kicks yo! a must-try.


M0m0k12 said...

Hehe... I didn't mean to scare u. I guess I miss him soOOO much ya!

Awesome wkend!!

Jee, I still not happy w the Daytona. :) It always have to be close call. Nvm, practice makes perfect. ;)

Dee said...

OMG! Sista Gee, I was in KL too..and in pavilion too! I think I went to Pavilion so many times in a day coz my hotel was just across the street. Great hang out lah tat place, make me feel like I"m back in Singapore - Diana

whoisjee. said...

its not always to have close shaves with a champ, ok! BUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

[ e z z y ] said...

"close shaves" ????
is that..intential?

terasa lorrr. hahahahahahahahaha.

oh and no doubt about it, but farah memang Ultimate in Bed.

o yea, i'll post up the link to the facebook album soon.

whoisjee. said...

aiks. hmm ERRR, which part is that ? Please choose :

Option 1 : brush

Option 2 : hairy

Option 3 : LEGS

Buahahaha! wait, are we on the same frequency here? ezieee, dont make me confused :p

my goodness. farah will be the only ultimate even when shes UNDER the bed! hahaha. okay, tat reminds me of the under the bed scene in CONGKAK!

whoisjee. said...

yaaa Diana, and LOT10 was like hellooo, like an emporium in singapore years back, huhu. ok for u little kids who dont know what "emporium" is, its considered like a very IN place to shop say 10years back. they have closed down several years ago. butt before they closed, it was so empty and so unpopular cos new shopping malls were popping out like mushrooms. okayy, thats history lesson for shopping chapter in singapore :)

M0m0k12 said...

"...but farah memang Ultimate in Bed." uh?!! since when?!! OMG! dat sound so wrong tau. ishhh!! saje aje... :P

It shld be ezy lah... Cos she has all the 3 options. :D

Awesome Wkend!!