Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ayat ayat cinta.

ayat-ayat cinta made me cry. it was so sad esp when aishah dropped her tears outside the hospital room. overall, its good cos somehow it knocked some senses into myself , definitely not the aspect of polygamy. oh, anyway guys falling in love by looking at the eyes? hhhmmm. nvm.

was in melaka AGAIN over the weekend. apart from buying a new pair of shoes only, it was all about food. had my favorite food : kenny rogers, sushi king and seafood nightout at one of the famous seafood paradise there. it was so crowded. luckily, a relative booked a place. i didnt take any pics cos food always come first. was sweating and sticky at the same time, hehe. after seafood, it was bowling time which i really sux at and a short chillout with the relatives and siblings.

so today, was back at work like everyone else. felt so lazy today actually.


[ e z z y ] said...

aww, that makes 2 of us (:
sedih gilerrr.

whoisjee. said...

ezie, did u run into your housemates' rooms? BUAHAHHA :D