Saturday, February 23, 2008

counting days ?

exactly 13 more days to cousin's bigggg day and we know she's all excited and nervous. i am the official runner for her wedding. we have been so close for all our lives and i still can remember on her one of her early befdays, those old skul orange cooking plastic pondok-pondok utensils flew ALL OVER THE PLACE when actually someone took a candid shot of her, with her cute tokcang. that is so classic yo! and i was there so puzzled witnessing tat very frightening behavior then haha. and this same gal is getting married sooonnnn. i bet she will be like come-take-my-photos kinda mood on her big day :)

last night, like finally it is weekend and to let our hair/hands/feets downnn, i decided to chillex in starbucks and we spent almost 3.5 hours chatting the past, present and future, each of us with our caramel machiatto and new york cheese. how wonderful was that before she becomes THE isteri orang :) i did learn some new stuff like how waterbag breaks (?) and how the baby should be positioned, the legs or head at the entrance during due time(?) and i think i got the position all mixed up. haha. how her galfren wanted to present her with 24 hela of kain putih HUHUHU for her wedding. ok, if u know what tat means good haha else, too badddd. how her tok kadi's name coincidentally happens to be the combination of her 2 witnesses' names whom one happens to be my father. we had great laugh, seriously. from wedding prep to current work stories to future plans.

work has been great so far except for the stinky smell in the centre which we seriously do not have any idea where it comes from. smells like from a sewage or something. yucks, puit.

on a lighter note, here i am, a very proud owner of an Adidas watch which i had mentioned not long ago in my archived entry except that i did not settle for the black and gold edition but instead it is .....

i wanted the limited edition last time but after looking at this, i changed my mind. white limited edition is like 21 bucks more. the ahmoi stated limited editions are nett prices so not wanting to end up wearing the similar watch with my instructor, i settled for this.

if i am not mistaken, my Monash gals are gonna start the new semester this coming Monday. i wish you gals a very great semester, study smart, have fun with activities and the best of the best company around yeaa. JIA YOU!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


nothing much to update except for my ad hoc lunch date with " Love Is In The Air " :)
it is back to square one. u go to work, go home, bathe, eat and if lucky online for a while like now, then sleep anddd the cycle continues. how about doing this for the next 20 years? so far, work load has been good. no complains and i don't want to use the word "yet" cos hopefully, it will go just fine, everyday.

over the weekend, i spent 6 hours in Causeway point ! its like since i started work, i really miss wasting my time there hehe. they having great sales be it pillows, sheets and Metro. i would have wasted my money if my payday falls around this time. sometimes, we buy stuff, chuck them one side and totally forget about them until the next annual/Hari Raya spring clean.

i cant hold my eyes open now. im tired. beddy is calling. out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wat i think i have/am.

i got this from one of the emails.
striked ones are most unlikely me :)

> >>Has a lot of ideas
> >>Difficult to fathom
> >>Thinks forward
> >>Unique and brilliant( :):):) "Dare to be different". My tshirt, remember ? )
> >>Extraordinary ideas (hmmm Like?)
> >>Sharp thinking
> >>Fine and strong clairvoyance
> >>Can become good doctors ( Does it include a PC Doctor? )
> >>Careful and cautious
> >>Dynamic in personality ( Ofcosez! )
> >>Secretive ( I am very theeeeee )
> >>Inquisitive ( Knowledge is priceless )
> >>Knows how to dig secrets ( Reverse psychology )
> >>Always thinking ( This is soooo true, that explains to why sometimes i tend to be quiet and most of the times, prefer to be alone )
> >>Less talkative but amiable ( very the friendly and sociable )
> >>Brave and generous
> >>Patient ( hmmm. i shall not strike this cos i have learnt what patience is :))
> >>Stubborn and hard-hearted
> >>If there is a will, there is a way
> >>Determined
> >>Never give up
> >>Hardly become angry unless provoked
> >>Loves to be alone ( 100% true )
> >>Thinks differently from others
> >>Sharp-minded
> >>Motivates oneself
> >>Does not appreciates praises ( becos if im good, yeass so? BUAHAHAHAHA. just kidding.)
> >>High-spirited
> >>Well-built and tough
> >>Deep love and emotions
> >>Romantic
> >>Uncertain in relationships
> >>Homely
> >>Hardworking
> >>High abilities
> >>Trustworthy
> >>Honest and keeps secrets
> >>Not able to control emotions
> >>Unpredictable

go dont see sun, come back dont see sun.

that actually came from my mum which i DIRECTLY translated them from malay. mummy,mum,momma,mak. if i dont go to work, who is gonna contribute to your already FULFILLED monthly income hehe.

CNY was pretty long. to make very long story short, 7th and 8th, we were in Melaka, to be exact it was FLOATING LAKEVIEW RESORT in Air Keroh which is just an OK, decent place inclusive of the non-functional swimming pool and the so-called lake which looked like it has been months not being maintained. yeaaa baby, imagine the greenish kind of water where u can find in the lokangs of TMNT. the furnitures were decently ok actually minus off how quiet and isolated it was and one of the lifts actually blackout on us once AND as for activities wise, it suck bad time except for the futsal court and eventually, my whole siblings and inlaws got addicted to SUDOKU cos i am their master ofcos :):):)

fret no more, there is always JAYA JUSCO for shopping. i bought quite a number of office wear at very good prices. thank God that they have just replenished new stocks of apparels so it was splendid.

we extended our stay for another day but this time, we shifted to PUTRI RESORT. i tell you, it is much much way bestestttttt than the former. the adult swimming pool is bloody huge yo, with depth of 1.2m all around and they have 2 kids pool with a mini slide each. they have those kinda modern concrete waterfall. altogether they looked so GRAND AND AWESOME after agonising at Floating Lakeview's "STATE-OF-THE-ART" swimming pool and environment. floating lakeview is actually arranging maintenance for the pool and their other 1001 stuff so yeaaa, it might take ages.

the bloody big adults' pool on the left. notice the many steps in the foreground. actually water is flowing like waterfall.

the kids' pools on the far right. click on above image to zoom in clearer

by the way, PUTRI has one snooker table in one of its cafe where i dont see much people around EXCEPT for the coffehouse where guests go and leave for daily breakfast.

overall, it was a decent holiday. after seeing one of the blogger's trip to beaches in north malaysia, i feel like going there too mannn :)

see,the kids looked so happy playing with one another despite the sucky resort. but hell, they seriously enjoyed the kids' pools in Putri :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

shocked joints..

the sudden re-activation of stagnant tissue muscles over a longgg period of time. haha. see, been lazing around for so long that my joints had MULTIPLE waves of shock. :)

alot had asked me how my first day at work was. yes, i say it was good. my immediate supervisor is very nice. my buddy from myanmar is very good and clear in delivering what has to be said although there is a barrier in language and some times, i cant get wat he said and we would end up laughing cos he was trying hard to repeat the word and there i was, pardoning to repeat himself hehe :) he is also new, replacing his colleague and being there for only 2 weeks and to know ALOTTTT of things over that short span of time, thats seriously an amazing shittt man. salute giler. i ask alot of questions. i mean, i have been like that since....hmmm...since...i forgot. did i ask alot of questions back in monash? let me recall. 1st year, lone ranger = almost a quitter. 2nd year, play play play fun play fun play. 3rd year, havoc. hehe. so eventually, i did not.

today was my 2nd day, i got introduced to 2 staff. it works this way. the staff will never get to see my face until i actually attend to them.physically, appear myself before them. so, they will be hearing either my veryyyyy sweet voice over calls or none at all. they wont even know my existence, not now. not UNTILLLLL i walk around the office acting BUSY. haha. nahhh, no way i can do that. thank God, so far it has been good except for a sharp headache today in the midst of attending calls. it was like errrr, brain block u know. like simultaneously having to jot down, read through, calling here and there. seriously,i hope i can adapt to it soon. but boss said, slowllllyyyy. learn....sooo....