Saturday, August 09, 2008

national day.

everyday to and fro orchard area and i did not even take the opportunity to walk around town until last night right after work. first stop was centerpoint. apparently, i think it is losing its touch. the only places which i think worth staying put are probably Robinsons, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coldstorage and the bank hehe. it was so much different years back. anyways, i decided to indulge myself with 2 scoops of Haagen Daz. My fav strawberry cheesecake and the same old cream and cookies. really finding trouble because i just got MC 2 days before. it was the itch in the throat. but, neither care nor giving any damn. when it comes to food, once you long for it, better enjoy them before anything else.

made my way from centerpoint, passing cineleisure, heeren and next stop was taka. hmmm, there are sales going on and the moment i entered, i was hoping to get something there but i didnt like anything there. was looking for hair accessories, jewellery and even a watch. but nothing seemed to attract my eyes even though they have damn large collections , like zillions of jewellery stuff but nothing at all seemed to interest me. i headed on to watches corner and it was pathetic. DKNY, Swatch, CASIO/BabyG/Gshock and Guess. and very little collection though they are having 10% off. but nahh. so to cut story short, went to wisma, and again the same disappointment and i went back with nothing EXCEPT that i truly enjoyed an outdoor performance right outside taka. i think shes from China and she played an old skool song from Jason Donovan - Sealed with A Kiss on a chinese musical instrument, not sure what it's called. seriously, it was so captivating. shes amazing with capital A.

and, i have finished the book i have been reading. a male and female, such good friends who love each other but in the end, did not get together. it was so sad. a good read.


far said...

wat book is that? sounds interesting.. rasa macam nak try cuba try test haha.

whoisjee. said...

hey far, its "brand new friends" by mike gayle :)