Tuesday, July 31, 2007

nothing beats starbucks accompanied with cecelia ahern + superb cars!.


big save?

im just surprised at what i encountered earlier in the day. i was in NTUC supermarket. wanted to buy a Magnolia orange juice of a litre and i checked that its 1.73. a tag somehow caught my eyes which it states that the same 1 litre of 2 cost 3.25, amusingly to celebrate errr how many years heh of independence ..... 40 heh? ok, tats not the point. the thing im trying to say is tat .... simple calculations :

buy 2 packets @ 3.25

simple calculation : 1.73 * 2 = 3.46

simple calculation :3.46 - 3.25 = 0.21

is tat worth the cents saved or not ?


Sunday, July 29, 2007

life life.

life has never been the same since i came back :) nothing beats being back in homeland!!

taking the familiar feeder buses, paying stuff in SGD and sometimes looking at the 1901 hotdog's price of 2.80 just knocked myself in the head tat how come so cheap!!! hehe. geez, im back home and im back and yesh, being back in homeland and yeahhh... :) ok i dont mean to sound so PATRIOTIC or letting out my "i love singapore" feelings!! haha just becos National Day is just around the corner. but 3 years being out of this country and living on my own on my FaMa's scholarship (hehe :P), its an experience tat sometimes i feel tat when im back here, i feel just the same, doing stuff independently of which i dont know whether its a good thing or not looking at the fact that i am with my family now and i really donno wat other responsibilites i have to put on my back besides errr....FINDING JOB! ok, tats so not a topic to talk about. patience and wait and watever it takes to get an interview, fresh grads just have to face it. gotta face the reality thou.

ooo ooo. national day loonggg holiday is another getaway again !! soon, and where else but MELAKA. all around and around and it comes back to the same old state! ahha. my parents hail from melaka, so wat can i expect? unless they originate from places far away like Italy, Spain ahhaa and err..ok stop, i wont be even blogging abt my life here ! cousin was like asking me, if i were to play a music instrument, what would i choose? i would choose..ok....this word i just learnt..dont laugh! PERCUSSION! haaha...like "tabla", DRUMS. hehe. im a rhythmic + good sense of coordination person yo, so i might consider enrolling in a course in tat pretty soon! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

i cant believe it.

i am appalled at the way Aliff sang Sedang Ingin Cinta during Anugerah Finals ? is he the singapore version of Mawi in the sense, King SMS ? i bet.

Our Educators? Mould for the future?

Money Talks


BTL lessons @ BBDC were fun with cousin esp that we can just laugh hysterically at those jokes by the instructors. seriously jokers! how i just wish lessons in MONASH were that interesting of which an exception for Dr Lim speaking of which gave me very good and unexpected grade for software engineering hehe :) :) all smiles here!

so looking forward for practices later. and goodness gracious practically there are no practical lessons for august! and realising that there are also ADULTS who are in the same shoes as us whom at a later stage of life taking our driving lessons! phew, i tot we were the only ones hehe. at least, we know we are not the isolated humans. hey, even makciks also learn driving, but auto trans :) but seriously, i m amazed at their sheer determination of wanting to own that precious license to KILL if we as drivers DONT drive CAREFULLY, correct?

watching accidents (crashing/flying/chaining ones..) captured from CCTV along highways/major roads really chilled my spines man! i was like errr..gasped with my mouth wide opened like 2 apples can fit in.

Cars and Motors are KILLING MACHINES. it all lies within the attitude of the drivers. Wah, steady, ok or not? :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

aliff won.

i have not watched the finals on youtube, hopefully kind souls do post them up. thou he does not sing the way anuar zain sings(which was great having his own singing style), but i find it disturbing that i can see abit of anuar zain's signature movements here and there like when he smiles/grins widely haha, and when he pulled his note with THAT face. so Diana, what do u think ? :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

egg piracy.


Egg Piracy

Sunday, July 15, 2007

great feast.

three days were filled with nothing but food. seriously! we kept eating and eating non-stop! not including the BBQ food, whateva were edible, we munched! haha. we concluded that its either being so near to the sea or that the wind that made us so hungry. haha. so it either made us HUNGRY or SLEEPY. make sense or not? the only PHYSICAL activity we played was Treasure Hunt. bloody fun man. who else organised, see the leg lah. hehe. seeing pple running around just tickled me and made me err perspire too. overall it was fun especially having pple around who know how to BBQ without burning the whole feast hehe and the BBQ chef did a good job too.(hint hint: me lah! :)). bcos we had to checkout quite early, we went to sembawang park to finish off ALL the uncooked food left which were quite of abundance and voila, we had a hefty brunch there! yesh lah. this is one of the best BBQs i had ever. nothing beats family gathering!

Friday, July 13, 2007

harry porter 5.

hes a cute, little, small-sized teen.
harry porter 5 doesnt display much of action-packed thrills. i despise the new fella, err what was her name. serves her right being dragged away by the fauns(ezie, they are fauns :P). the requirement room + watever they were doing inside there was cool and the so-called "first kiss" wasnt tat great at all hehe. so wat was the hype about actually ? and if my lil nephew already was so fidgeting waiting for the more action-packed thrills, err what more can i say abt myself ?! :) others might find it otherwise thou.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

next phase.

gladly to annnounce that finally i am officially done\finished\"enuff is enuff" (hehe) with Monash (err, anything categorised as "the rest" BUT "study" was FUN! saw it rite!) and going on to the next phase and hopefully, it turns out good (err, not marriage heh :P), thou i have yet to find that tiny miny source of light at the end of the tunnel BUT im sure it will go well :)

i like this pic!

cos it has me lah ofcos haha +
being stranded along a highway and its cool yo, hanging out till the wee of hours hehe err to be exact, it was this morning!

more pics of my weekend which will be spent with the whole bloody big structured + nosensetical siblings of mine! ok pics shall do the talking! soooonn.....

I dedicate this to all friends I have known during my Monash days in Sunway, no matter how long and how short the friendship and acquaintance is/will/was. Shall not forget you guys. Do continue to strive and achieve what has been aimed. Do continue to soar, continue until that one fine day you will finally understand that what you have gone through for all that 3 years of studies, is just so worth it :)

~~~~ Farah, Ezie, Wen, Aris, Erin, Nicholas, Marc, JJ, Khai, Jason , Far, Ros, Izzati, Namie, Rury, Rai, Sal, Yani, Remi, Lina, Jane, Aqilla, Abang, Hafiz, Farahzilla, Nana, Jervis, Fareed, Naqim, Mus, Fahreen, Sunny, Kanya, Jac, Peisan, Zaid ~~~~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

monashian community.

all the best to the Monashian community :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

3 doors down. here without you.

nice piece. love the lyrics. love the guitar.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

die hard 4.0

car vs heli was awesome!
truck vs jet was like err...watever!
the tunnel's DUAL direction was bloody scary!
maggie errr.. i hate her cos shes the badddddd one!baddd gal...badd gal! but shes HOT!
the lift was like..IM FEELING SO GRATEFUL..tat she actually die! haha

"a Timex in digital age" ... "being at the wrong place at the wrong time" POOF!

some parts are abit bore, but the stunts are great!
for goodness sake, they are talking in techy IT savvy aka computer stuff aka IT jargons of which not everyone could understand so TOO BAD! haha. like how John covered the webcam leaving the microphone on ?? that was funny!

next : harry porter !

Monday, July 02, 2007



julia roberts is with her third now. not bad not bad. im so in love with her, i mean her acting. erin brockovich was an eye-opener for me, seriously!

coming down to celebs in msia, never have i came across during my entire stay here, celebs that are as famous as errr..Datuk Siti! haha. fat hope, i know.

i came across a ruffedge member at sunway pyramid, i think i have mentioned this in my previous post. Jay jay (alamak, is that how its spelled???) with family at my usual makan hangout and THE HOT ONE recently, Ashraff Sinclair(GOl & Gincu) at Cineleisure Damansara, all thanks to my GLASSES!! that i can see like from 10 km away!! haha. ok im kidding. and my ass got shoved between ezila farhana due to her ultimate excitement and the holding rail of the escalator. all because of one dude! haha. hilarious!

other than that, its being at the wrong place at the wrong time besides the point that i dont usually put on my glasses and who knows that there were others that i happily shoved and bumped and passed haha.

next box office - Die Hard 4.0. so looking forward to this ultimate "Hero Tua"! (old Hero). oh btw, Heroes..it took me a while to realise that its awesome. I love ISACC!!!


Il Divo in Liverpool - Si Tu Me Amas

Ultimate Powerhouse!

Version of "Unbreak My Heart". Beautiful!

i think the HOTTEST is...