Saturday, May 26, 2007


my heartBEAT skipped the moment i read the link. tot it was wentworth!

Former 'Prison Break' actor admits manslaughter charge

it has been so long that i have not FAITHFULLY watched Prison Break. Err. its not GROWING into me anymore. i have outgrown them HAHA. same goes for Grey's. the last was Ugly Betty and the rest was history. pple have been talking abt Nip Tuck, Lost. im not into these kind of stuff. wonder what made them going especially Lost. how lost are they, like till Season hmm 3?? Hello people?? i prefer CSI and Monk. investigating stuff and getting around, analysing, mind-boggling methods to find the suspects. Monk is the ultimate selenge kind and smart. CSI guys are HOT, not all..but a few :) the black guy with the afro-like hair, hes cute and the one who processes the blood samples ... i think hes a boy..but a cute one. oh shiat! i forgot the other one. ok wth.

Kacang is back in homeland. Ezie is with her bestie here and Wen with friend are in town for the weekend. and im here stuck with this red file filled with lots of notes to read. yes yes. i am supposed to revise for exams. geez. sucks. yesterday, wen and i had 2 hours of pool and geez.i had great difficulties to focus initially. and its all because of these annoying worries on this particular subject. to this extent, im blody worried and its seriously not myself. pressure might be building up fast SOONER or LATER. oh God. i dont want to S.C.R.E.W up everything.

like wat P.Diddy says

Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it

Monday, May 21, 2007

if (state != studying) then BELOW else BORED/CRAZY.

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. Damn.

Getting ready to talk c*ck, sing song

Lala lulu..sing song @ Galaxy

Yum yummy. My drink, not her. DONT be deceived. HEHE

5 bucks of MURUKU in Bangsar bistro. LER.

ROTIBOY really made me crazy man!

TABOO!! Best! We had hell fun yo! Semangat dok!

The 3 Selamba-ness

Me, Izzati at my hangout food spot.

Uni Project Lab. Me, Aris, Erin, Kai

LIFE WITHOUT FRIENDS IS A NO-LIFE or else will end up in a depression like below


Sunday, May 20, 2007

my failure.

i sense that among the pple who are reading this blog, somehow someone is not supposed to be reading this blog of mine. if you do, "its not that we are lazy or cant be bothered. we are trying really hard on it" =]

i am clueless. not even for any unit before that i have reached total clueless-ness to this extent in doing this assignment.

im not sure whether it happens to other pple also. during my high school, i had this bloody FIERCE, no-nonsense teacher for English class. i hate her because shes cold, expressionless and strict. things didnt always go right when it came to her lesson. as days passed, my test papers and work for her subject seemed to be going down the drain. things didnt improve and it really showed in my O level results as i failed her subject. i blame her for my failure. strict/fierce/"watever shit u call it" educators wont help students. why is it that i could score A's for my maths subjects and not even a pass for hers?

its not that i didnt try. its the circumstances that didnt give me the chance.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

power to the people.

hello people out there. hello hello hello.
i wanna read ur blogs man. so if u do have, please please puhlieeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz.. comment it here k. anyway, im looking forward to..ok hmm lemme rephrase. actually, not looking forward to exams BUT looking forward to whats AFTER the exams and again, not looking forward to exam results, but yeahh...looking forward to (Universal - Exams + Exam Results) hehe. crap lah.

it has been quite sometime that i have been wearing this glaringly white CHEAPO watch of mine and somehow, today a stranger and a Hi-Bye fren complimented it. NICE. oh and tat stranger happens to be a final year Engineering student here, going around asking for voluntary help for his project to actually pose pictures for him as follows:
it is for some kind of facial recognition thingy which i think its cool.past few days have been dull for me. what to expect when its now the 11th week and for the first time in this semester, i MISSED a class. geez. i know i seriously SUX at getting up early in the morning looking at the fact that my class schedule has TOO MANY empty spaces, hehe. ok, ok. what i need from now on is FOCUS. ok Jee, F.O.C.U.S.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

hell fun.

thanks to muzzy tat we had so much FUN playing Taboo which spanned over hmmmm arnd 7 HOURS!! there were [me,ezie,farah,fahreen] vs [muzzy,hafiz,jervis,farid,naqib]. yep, Battle of the Sexes! HAHA. and the following day, i slept till late noon.goodness.

oh ya, Spidey 3 plan was cancelled. instead, we watched "28 WEEKS Later" which was bloody hell too much a shock to the extent that one scene shocked me big time as thou my heart felt like dropping! AND after that, i enjoyed a bowl of porridge at Uncle Lim's AND AND met Azan from Ruffedge there. Woohooo! Nice! He has a nice voice anyway. AND AND we had fun as Ezie and me were about to leave Uncle Lim's, we heard this noise nearby and to my surprise, we saw a bloody big board hung onto a guy which wrote "Im getting married tomoro"!! HAHA. cool man. his hands were tied at the back, with few empty soft-drink cans tied to his ankles. and his face was like drawn with charcoal stuff. haha. and we were so amused to see him in tat state that one of the guys with him approached us and asked whether we wanted to help him (SABO lah) to earn 12 bucks by asking him to do anithing for the amount we wanted to give him, else he wont be getting married tomoro, definitely NOT IN THAT STATE man! its ultimate KECOH-NESS, and his frens were busy taking photos, and we insisted him to sing 2 songs for 3 bucks. Unchained Melody which STRANGELY he doesnt know the lyrics(DUH!) and William Hung's She Bang with the famous shake. ahhaah. boleh-lah. its a hilarious ending to our day.

i dont understand to why i feel that we are being isolated lately. i know im leaving soon , im not angry for what you really want in your life, its good that you are coping well and whatever you want to do, its your life gal.GOOD LUCK.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

slacking time.

i know i know. look at the time now. cant help it that i cant sleep properly + im supposed to work on tutorials which i know and the rest know as well that we cant do them some OR/AND at all.hehe

i got hold of this not quite recent song by Kafi titled "Fantasi Cinta". its a catchy track and it might be on my repeat mode for quite some time. ok, whats up with the lovey dovey and jangan-ucap-slamat-tinggal/andai kau pergi themed songs this time heh?

Kafi - fantasia cinta

Dulu kita angankan cinta sehebat kisah lagenda
Aku Laksamana engkau puteri di gunung kita bersemadi
kau aku cinta itulah kata terakhir buat diriku
Jiwa gelisah kita terpisah akan aku tebus dirimu

Cinta kita berdua memang tiada penghalangnya
sekukuh tembok batu pasti juga kan runtuh ku rempuh
Cinta kita berdua seluas langit tanpa hujungnya
Takkan tercari semua terletak di hati

Mereka bilang cintakan hilang sebelum kau temu yang baru
Jika tu benar tak terciptalah puisi ini untuk dirimu
Kau pejam mata fantasi cinta guna mata ketigamu
Aku pimpinmu terbang ke sana tuju istana rahsia

ulang chorus

Hulurkan tanganmu jika kau terjatuh
ku di sini untukmu... (ku disini untukmu)
Kau bersedialah untuk menerima
Cinta yang takkan luntur


"ugly betty" has been on my top list now that each time i am so tied down with stuff and knowin that my tv is nicely packed in the box for now. No No. no tv for this entire semester but still i have loads of movies and serials hehe. oh, cant wait to watch spidey 3 this friday knowing the much HOo Haa about it. pool, a destress mode for the gals, but not a problem for Wen. shes THE ultimate POOL QUEEN having beaten some of our guys. HAHA nice.

Wen's the coach in blue.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Beautiful Wen.

Midnight. In the middle of road in Putrajaya.

Ladies during Monash Culture Night 07

"Terkenang kampung halaman ku, sob sob". More like baru mati laki HAHA

Hell funny, i forgot what it was about. Ezie's work :)

Lepak-ing at Putrajaya's "complicatedly structured but nice" bridge

Act Cute Num 1, Pretty Zati, Memang Cute Num 2. HEHE

Perasan Betol Minah2 Bridge

Mak. Ampun. Memang lepak on the pavement hehe. Actually after we took this pic, a guard came and chased us away. HAHA

And the most memorable thing happened when we were in front of the Palace of Justice(Putrajaya) and there was a police car chasing after a bike who was playing around with them. HAHA. WHAT AN IRONY.

Friday, May 04, 2007

is that Vince ?

i saw someone who looks like Vince (AF1). In the day, eating at Restoran Seri Bidara and being in the place I am now, is that possible? hmmm. if its him, ITS COOL haha.

Over the holidays, we were at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya/Bukit Bintang.

Palace of Justice, Putrajaya

Thursday, May 03, 2007

l.o.u.s.y days.

today is a day where THINGS didnt go well. on the other hand, today is one of those days that i seriously stayed in the ever-chilling library to get stuff done. does it have to be like something not right had happened and it made you somehow REALISE ? i guess it is. its like u know a glass of water is in the middle of ur already fully-occupied table but yet u didnt do anything about it UNTIL a foolish move of your hand just knock it down! and there you go saying...SHIT i should have moved this glass to elsewhere. yes, that happened to me T.W.I.C.E

On My Left (Overlooking Sunway Lagoon, towards KLCC,Menara KL)

On My Right(Overlooking Extreme Park Sunway)

the view is splendid so pls pardon the quality of my hp camera.
i have not stayed by my window that long enough looking out at the atmosphere around my area at night until today. lights are everywhere and from the top of the building definitely i can see everything nice. the only sound i could hear are from the crickets and wind. today has ended and soon it is the beginning of another new day.

i miss my parents, siblings, cousin and my little nephews and nieces.

i miss H.O.M.E =]