Sunday, June 15, 2008


look at my face. do i look like a "Nor" ? despite having it as part of my birth name, butt...i am not that "Nor" kind of person. you know, just like "Siti". hek hek hek. and of course, having people calling me by that name, i feel so errrr "geli". hehehe. Az sounds much better. but some people pronounce it as "ass". something like ass-nor. dammit. oh, jason mraz has his official vid up for "I'm Yours". and he is getting thinner. and an avocado farm.. hmmmm. probably he is a vegetarian as well.

oh and also, on food. this humongous must-have dish at Cafe Galilee. an oven-baked half-chicken dressed with black pepper sauce, bit of pasta and fries. they are having a promotion at a price of only $6.90 (Beverage card holders get $1 off) !

PC show ends today. i did not go at all because i have nothing to buy and i do not want to waste my time in the crowd. i am happy with my new wireless sleek black desktop :) wire-hassle-free yo! BTW at Courts the same set is exorbitantly priced. i got it at Sim Lim at $20 lesser. man, suckers.