Sunday, March 25, 2007

hey hey hey

now seems to be a good time for me to blog (actually im stucked in the brain. why? cos i am so clueless about this one oh not one, but two ...the other one will be the future stuck-question also. assignment, if u cant get what i mean)

long heh since the last i updated my blog and yes, 8 MORE WEEKS to exams. i have been doing the countdown to my DOOMed days actually. some things i am just trying to make things better. YES. there is this one tiny mini cell in my brain which has been telling me every morning to just wake up and complete my soon-to-due stuff. it feels like im not doing enough yet. "no enough is enough yet". ok tats random.

is this seriousness stress? anxiety? ugh. i have to go seek help.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

slowing down.

i have stopped OR rather took a break from Dr Grey's lessons. off and on abit heh else i have nothing to de-stress with later. ANYWAY, i am glad that i have finally updated MY_SCOFIELD serials. it has been so long since i watched and DROOLED over him hehe. i donno why BUTTT Heroes seems so not appealing to me. i just managed to watch the very first episode and i tell you, not even till the credits roll even if they have one. maybe its true, the theory of a friend who once mentioned tat I WATCH SERIALS FOR THE SAKE OF CUTE/HANDSOME/HOT guys! BINGO! OH. AND AND....tat guy...Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break, hes acting in PRIMEVAL(pronounced as "PRIME-EVAL") which "is inspired by a true story". he spotted the same hairstyle and his clothes were kinda similar heh.

AND ezie showed me Beyonce Live on Oprah, exhibiting her powerful vocal with "Listen". Diva seriously. Power seol! i was stunned + goosebumps + 'otak berdesing' and A Must Watch yo!

things have been happening around. but its just not right to blog about it here. respect people respect. OH YA! i heard that there were tremors back in Spore from a fren and Indonesia was hit by earthquake TWICE. To the deceased, may they rest in peace. May God bless their souls.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

its only a week.

its just the initial week. 12 more weeks to go, and FEEL MY AGONY people!
news got to me about what had happened back home. YES YOUU. i know all about it. better BEHAVE from now on. ok i know, my schedule is not as bad as you pples' AND i should not complain BUTTT tuesdays are agonising. to concentrate for 2 straight hours in a lecture. OMG. only smart asses can survive this ordeal man!

my gals are mugging consistently which is good :)

AND i am trying to keep myself on the track. OH. we watched NORBIT last friday. it was bloody hilarious and the girls were like "eeeee gross" looking at Murphy's artificial transformation. hehe. AND way before that, we watched Dreamgirls where ezie kept admiring and seriously was inspired by Beyonce's new skinny figure HAHA. go ezie!.
at some part, their singing is just too high-pitched that they really hurt my eardrums. overall, good show.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


seriously, there are just lots of stuff to "bitch" around HAHA. IT JUST MAKE UNI LIFE INTERESTING, I TELL U! ANYWAY, for the first time in this LOVELY semester, we had gathering at where-else-buttt CHICKEN HERTZ to celebrate the same-day-birthdaes of O'bek(pakcik in Boyanese language) and a newbie of our kind, Mustafa. Picsss!!!

testing camera actually tu

who wears shades indoor ????

ayam buffet sedap ahoy!

BrokenBack Hill !! HAHA

WE LOOK HAPPY. nothing else to say! HAHA

2 and half men ?? HE HE HE

COMEI nyer , erhek erhek..OK, only rose can do it so righttt !

oh BTW, diana... hmmm sad to say THAT the gokart MIGHT be in my schedule this semester..BUTTT..i hope(seriously hopeee) that this time i DO NOT go astray like ahemmm ..last semester. HEHE. hey, gokart was AFTER EXAMS anyway! haha.

this is our first week soo..maybe kinda relax giler THOU im supposed to diligently and consistently revise BUT SERIOUS, when it comes to ONE OF MY UNIT for this semester, i seriously need to think twice man! ARGHHH!