Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ryan and taylor?!

ok this is a very odd AND beyond imagination couple. ryan and taylor as an item? that is so wrong. ok pple, they are from The OC. i find this serial very entertaining. the whole lot of them. ryan, the grouchy-looking and tough guy. taylor talks damn lot man. but shes hootttaaa! ehehe. i like her cute nose. and marissa not being in the picture is quite abnormal.

i just started on a new novel by jill winters. "Just Peachy". was searching high and low for something to occupy my time. actually, i wanted to settle down for another of mike gayle buttt the other titles seem dull, not to my interest. i have yet to reach a third of this book. it has something to do with having crush with a NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR. see, i can relate so much to that. i mean who writes novel, creates a character and relate it to someone who works in IT line. come on, who? haha.i dont read that much, probably someone out there can refer me to some titles or something. :)

anyway, something put me down recently. on monday, i was feeling so lousy at work. it is a choice i have to make. i have not decided on tat something yet. i think i have to give myself a bit more time. when i finalise it, probably i will release it off from the back of my mind and feel the peace and ease.

in the meantime, i just have to enjoy.

farah, you are right. hell with work. haha :)