Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Initial 07

Melaka trip was superb! (thou i brought aches back! huhu) Afamosa Resort bungalow with 6 rooms, who cant just resist it yo! haha. actually, when i took a look from far, its like so unbelievable for it to have 6 rooms, huhuhu + swimming pool! yeah! its like, so convenient. swim + hungry + sleep. and it rotated. hahaha

30.dec.06 : we started with leisure swimming. then kicked off the "wet games". macam nak rak siol! u will never know how KECOH RIUH RENDAH my whole kerabat is, until u actually witness it (hehehe, ofcos lah me will be one of them with the loud screams to menyemarakkan suasana) Then came the food part, mak and aunt brought rendang + sambal + ketupats! hehehe. what else, we started the korban of the delicious food even before HARI RAYA HAJI itself. hahhahaa.

31.dec.06 : Oh well, its Hari Raya Haji. and me, slept until like 10 am! hehehe. cannot lah. holiday or not holiday, sure cannot make it. rose up to the TAKBIR by my cousin while we were still on bed. hehehe. i was like, hey that sounded so familiar. its Takbir Raya! huhu( prayers to indicate Hari Raya)
ok, believe it or not, we played WATER POLO at our pool. HAHAHA. girls VS boys. huhu. so kecoh but fear not, we managed to have it a draw huhu.
Me and cousins went out to recce Afamosa Resort. We wanted Gokart and they wanted Microlight( Light airplane ). To much of my disappointment, the Gokart was not on circuit. Its more like 4km of grounded sand. Geez. Anyway, cousins had so much fun. Next, was WAR GAME(Paintball)!! hey, best seh! thou very tiring, it was such a new + great experience for me and cousins. Our Marshall was quite good-looking(with celak, wat the heck! ). When he was explaining to us about the game, somehow cousin cheekifully said "Abang Hensem" and he was like tak kener gaya. Hey, cousin! You read this ?! hahaha. Anyway, very nice guy. And it was great! hehe.
Mak and aunt bought DURIANS! omg. best giler wei! its like HEAVEN. earlier on i saw a few lorries loaded with durians along the road to the resort. their banner read "1 kg = RM 1". i was like biar betik wei. then aunt said its just bull.shit. huhuhu. ok, on 2nd thots, yeahhh bull.shit hehe
how many pieces of durian i ate? i think more than 10 and each of them are like rich + yellow + creamy. yummy yummy. thats y later in the evening, i had a very terrible headache. cousin also and yeah, both of us landed early on bed.
uncle was asking when am i going to start "dry games". huhuuhu. ok ok. since everyone so semangat to karaoke, yesh after a quick nap, we rose and get over and done with the games. hehhehhee. and u know, i just cant explain how my brother + bro-in-laws + cousin GELEK. ya-allah! so the kecoh + gamat. hahhaaha. fun fun fun. and ofcos, we girls beat them definitely!

01.jan.07 : New Year kicked off with breakfast of left-over food from yesterday. hehe. hey, the hari raya lauk really can last like another few days, but since there were too many mouths to feed, hehehe, no problem of food wastage. for lunch, we headed to Asam Pedas place in Melaka Central. Good food. then we headed to Mahkota Parade for Daytona + Bowling. Ok, i am sux at bowling and the rest are like wow, ok ok to superb ones. hehhee. and Daytona, argh! wat happened to me, why why. i lost to my cousin yo. not once but alot. where is my touch ? sob sob. huhu. i was not focusing and i donno why. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. we ended our day at macdonalds and headed back home around 11. played afew rounds of BINGO until to the point that everyone started to retreat back to their own base. ZZzzzZZZ

02.jan.07 : Today, was the last day at the resort. sob sob. we had to leave. captured happy moments together and off we went back to own agenda. and here i am back alone in sunway for a few days. BIG Thank You to aunt + uncle for treating US on the resort stay + makan2. And we shall do this again, hmmm..maybe after I graduate. Insya-allah.

Now, my back + thighs are aching. And i am so sleepy after splurging on CHICKEN HARTZ ealier on. huhuhu. Roger and out.