Tuesday, January 16, 2007

lucky stars. cheaters. sushi.

prayers being answered or my lucky stars are shining? i m so delighted to have lecturers other than someone whom i sort of DESPISE, for the coming semester. hooray!! its beyond words, it seems that i cant say anything more but to thank God and praying for the best for my coming semester. PEOPLE, GATHER AND PRAY and enjoy this delightful moment of mine! *1 min silence pls* HAHA.

ok. cheaters do not deserve to be given any more chances. he/she who cheats on you, what the heck! just abandon them. no use being sympathetic nor regretful and thinking what you have done wrong and all the efforts you have put into the once-workable relationship. head on somewhere, give yourself some time and keep yourself busy-bee and importantly, you have frens and family to fall back on.

especially when you are in the midst of studies. come on man. dont ever let anything of that sort, somehow or rather affect you in one way or another. MYSELF, let me repeat, MYSELF has gone through that phase before. an advice from my dear friend, not to let anithing which is not worth brooding over, get into your way.

Hey, if you are reading this, you are not alone.

of late, i seemed to enjoy sushi more than ever. i have yet to try that slice of salmon laying cool on its back, haha. and u know why, all because of EZILA. i kept saying its not my kinda consumption EXCEPT for the ones which come with mayo minced crabmeat. maybe, i should explore other variety but please, no raw meat for me. yurks! cooked baby, cooked. haha