Monday, January 08, 2007

STEP UP. resolution. more gatherings soon

u guys who like movies of dancing sort, should watch STEP UP especially the moves during their final showcase. OMG. the fella (hmmm an unknown actor i guess)is so HIP-ing COOL yo! i can just repeat that particular section of the DVD like zillionth times haha.

issue on resolution was brought up by my dear monashian. and nahhh...nothing to actively involve in that area bcos like what ezie said, theres no need to have resolution unless you are tat LOW. wahaha. true enuff. what she meant was like too hopeless. haha. so nahhhh... no resolution for me this year. just doing what is supposed to be done. thats all.

gathering with frens + outdoor family gathering (YIPPEEE!) are just around the corner. and SHOOT! my desktop needs to be formatted cos its sick (*coughcough) hehe. I MISS SUNWAY! ok ok i know. soon, im gonna disappear from my current location and back for uni semester.

it has been of a talking point among my siblings about how Internet can be abusively used by SOMEONE. SISTA, if u happen to read this, stop your avatar thingy lah. Go Get a life lah!