Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Singaporeans rudeness SHINES

received these blog links and they are so cool and worth reading them. who knows u might just find ur car in one of the entries. huhu.


i have read news yesterday (The New Paper)about the whole hu-ha issue on one skool which its name starts with Fairfield. Something about affiliated skools can enjoy lower cut-off points and some members of the public were not happy with the principal. the so-called promise. the comment made by the journalist named Mr Singh (ok, i forgot his last name) is so truthfully right and without doubt, i totally agree with him.his points are so relevant.parents today need to be educated just like their children. rushing for the best thou they wont even know the own capability of their child's. complain. throwing weights around. thats what some pple like to invest on. come on. be more educated yo. these people are outright cowards. its like throwing stones, then hiding their hands at their backs.

lets put it this way. For instance, if one day (*dream on*), HDB is to offer their whatever available flats direct for sales at the cost of say initial deposit only of $2000, only to be promised for first-come-first serve of 500 walk-ins. And the queue is horribly long like few thousands, you think the 501th will get in and everyone will be SATISFIED as in no complains to media. as long as we are singaporeans, i don't think so.

i can see the culture of media here that whenever complains are made to them and it appears on the FRONT cover, things kinda get smoothen. Dont they have any more beneficial news apart from complains, agony, pointing out of inefficiency of services bla bla. i happened to notice a cut-out newspaper article pasted at the reception counter of a sports center in Yishun. It was a comment made by PM Lee. It was something like, if customers treat you like dirt, you dont deserve to serve them with pride because customers should know that you are not their servants or slaves.

those in customer service line, they deserve an appreciation of smile and thank you to compliment their efforts. especially in food industry, you wouldnt want your food to be spitted on right? HAHA.