Sunday, January 28, 2007

bike.THE novel.

next to daytona(of which lately kinda losing my touch) is bike race! haha. i felt the HIGH of riding on those bikes in the arcade...its like how i felt when i started on daytona initially. i tried slowly to race myself against time and finally managed my way to the FINISH line ! haha (constant observing on how other kids rode really helped yo!) and the fun part is how exciting it was when i "jumped" over those steep humps, siol haha! tats why i said, it felt kinda "high" sometimes! haha (don worry, im not on drugs) i am so gonna look forward to the bikes for my next future visits there hence maybe bye-bye to daytona huhu.

i came across the novel above during my visit to the local bookstore. the 3rd agenda sounded interesting to me + having read the highlight on its back , i ended purchasing it. as im typing now, i am at about 1/3 of the book. im sure the title speaks for itself dating = sex + lies. agree? hehe. kind of,isnt it? then next comes the murder, to add more spice. Rachel Gibson is new for me besides having read novels from Mitch Albom, Cecilia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks. im the type who is into romantic/relationship/human-touch novels. murder/ghosts/ thriller/mind-boggling are such turn-offs for me, seriously.

just got news that dear friend zaid is gonna pursue the rest of his engineering course in Clayton and will be flying off on 10th feb. All the best to you and we are gonna miss you, zaid. sobsob. tsktsk. hehe (ok, tat sounded so familiar! haha). abeh, nak main cards ngn saper ni, next semester? uwekkkkkkk!!


Silvana said...

Thanks for writing this.