Wednesday, January 17, 2007

reminiscing oldskul songs

OMG., i really salute you, haha. it has everything like no one cant possibly get any of their wants. haha. it started off with cousin askin me about the new version of marah marah sayang, sang by B8 (ok, who the heck is tat group, ive really no idea). as usual, being myself who seldom listen to malay songs, what more having the latest ones, i YOUTUBE-d. and Goodness, came upon the video clips recorded partially from the show itself. haha. hey, wait this is not the bestest part. ezila actually knew songs from RAMLAH RAM like Kau Kunci Cintaku Di Dalam Hatimu! OMG. I'm appalled. I can imagine her wearing that dress with the BIG heart walking around uni foyer! haha. MEAN. and those budak2 will be like WHAT THE! haha. i couldnt help it but to laugh my heart out around midnight while we were on msn. huhuhu. next genre was DANGDUT and if she were to GELEK infront of HIM, i say....he would just FAINT. haha. Robek Hatiku and Memori Daun Pisang, what was she thinking yo. pple, kill me and her too. haha


[ e z z y ] said...

don't underestimate by knowledge of the evolution of music okay. it's because of people like Ramlah Ram lah, people will never again THINK of wearing a SuperUpsized Heart on their bellies (: