Saturday, January 06, 2007

Transnasional counter. welcome note. never give up

i admit it. i felt very DUMB when i was at the Transnasional counter (bus ticketing at Puduraya). clock showed 10.30am (yeah, i know. its late for someone to just come walk-in and get a tic).

Me : Kak, tiket ke Spore?

Ticket Lady (took very LONG time cos I donno y) : Dah habis, tinggal malam. pukol 10.

Me (what the!) : Hmm. Takder. Besok kak?

Ticket Lady : Malam ke pagi ?

Me (what the heck i am doing!, asking her abt tomoro) : Pagi ?

Ticket Lady : 8.45 pagi

Me (panicking...) : hmmm...hmmm..ok. terima kaseh

i walked out and was rushing to other bus counters and SUDDENLY, what the heck. i slapped my forehead(THUD!) that i think the other person who stood at the other end of puduraya can hear! hahaha. OMG. y i was so dumb that i didnt ask the bus to Johor Larkin instead. Goodness. See. The selengeh-ness on Saturday morning. Voila, I am back in homeland now. huhu.

sis welcomed me with a note. "You are going to miss the place real soon. So maybe spend more time when you are there". and i was like "yeahhhh" sob sob. what she meant was Sunway. i spent 4 days alone there. its kinda peaceful + lonely. but i like it that way. hey, that was how i started with when i had my initial years there ok. and i did fine thou abit of corkups here n there. yeah. who doesnt? the girl who almost wanted to give up on her 3rd semester there. the reasons? nahh..i keep it to myself and to those close ones ya. let it be a lesson to be learnt for those freshies. Never give up on whatever you are doing. Mesti ader semangat yg kental. Have fun, not alot. Dont study TOO HARD cos u might end up so bloody stressed up and demoralised. Share, concern and motivate one another. Insya'allah. Everything's gonna be just fine.

For my beloved darlings + Monashians,

"never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do"