Monday, January 22, 2007

have you ever felt hmmmm at one time clueless of what you are supposed to do or just plain blank for a moment or just thinking and pondering around and feel like going out and walk and walk and just walk all the way to a destination of nowhere(ok, singapore? amuse me phlezz!)

at this moment of typing, im just plain sleepy and ugh mum just asked me to write niece's name on her erk, milk bottle(?) i guess it should be the too many of similar milk bottles in her playgroup that her teacher seemed too confused(ugh, i wonder if this bottle REALLY belongs to niece? urk!) i have met niece's teacher once before when i went over to her playgroup center and when she saw me, she was like asking me a question about an arrangement by mum and herself and i was like HUH! mum help! haha. anyway, she spoke in english to me and how amused i was, i donno y. she looked like from a tertiary institution and not suprised also that she happened to be the relief teacher so yeaaaa.

weekend was GREAT which started off with the gals to eastcoastpark. blading was the first in the agenda and it was just hilarious that in the midst of blading (sweat + breeze + longtimenoexercise = damn tired) that we met these two BIG mascots from BK, [curlyfries and coke] hahah. cute. and we being ourselves rushed to them to take a snap. cute arent they? it has been long tat i have last bladed properly (in my teens actually) so i was getting a hang of it but those stupid wheels kinda bit faulty so literally i was kinda dragging myself and in the last metres of our destination back to the rental kiosk, i fell on my bump! ugh. i just couldnt take it anymore cos my foot felt numb and yeaaa...i just selengeh-ly removed the blades and walked with my socks on. haha. and the rest of the gals went off to return our blades. felt kinda cool haha. luckily it wasnt a white one else pple would be like "dah tebiat ke dier ni?" haha

with the new naturale parfume and practically SHARING among ourselves, we got back into the car and went to macdonalds for a drink before ezie moved on to her next agenda later for the night. its kinda cool that we spent some time by the breakwater talking about so many stuff, about ourselves, about the future, about people around us. i guess should be the experience-sharing and lessons to be learnt kinda thing. we had TURKISH food for hmmm late lunch and its heaven hehe. and for that day, my running nose went from beginner to EXPERT, horrible! wen bot me some cold pills, thanks wen!

in the evening, we washed up and made ourselves to a pub in eastcoastpark called BFD which was highly recommended by wen. and superbly, the band she talked about was awesome. i really salute wen and farah cos they are really into their favorite genre of music and i was there just learning new stuff from them. (confession: im not into exploring music by say Linkin Park but hey, if they said its nice, i will sure give it a try). the gals kept saying that i really looked quite shagged due to the horrible running nose so like half to midnite, we made ourselves to the beach again and yeaa there were lots of people around either lepaking/torn/stargazing or u-knw-what-they-do-in-the-tent ! haha. and another devastating event took place of which i FELL into the sand and it was THE silent-killer one HAHA. wen kinda panic + farah kept laughing at me of which i myself found it amusing also. maybe i was too unstable with the running nose i had non-stop DESPITE the pills, ugh!

we ended our day at Seletar reservoir on recommendation by the gals. its kinda cool and omg, these pple don sleep or wat. wen, farah...we must do this again and i hope for the next time, i am more stable than ever. haha


Farah said...

whahaa... oOPs! I didnt mean to laugh at u.. It's jus toO sudden to c u fall. Get well soon!!
and sure thingy we'll do this again smday!! :)

jee1633 said...

haha. im amused myself too farah. hey no worries! we knew ourselves WHO should be in tat kind of state instead of me. haha. shes GREAT ya! hehe