Saturday, December 30, 2006

farah, happy birthday. study pattern semester 1 2007

Farah, if you are reading this.

Happy Birthday to u
Happy Befday to u
Happi Befdae dearest cutest farah
Heppy Birthdei to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

ok, i sms-ed u right at midnight. i guess u sud be sleeping by then. we shall meet like i get back from sunway ok.

remember ya, what we have talked about yesterday hmmm during your idling time hehehe. it sounded easy just to say, but i know we can do it !

hey, shudnt i be sleeping for melaka trip later? geez. after spending like nearly 3 hours ironing mak's clothes, my hand is aching yo. haiz. how to be a goody2 housewife like this? iron clothes also want to complain. haiz. huhu. luckily i was in the right mood to help out mak. she has been in the kitchen like since noon! and in fact, NOW still stirring gravy in the kitchen (hmmmmm..smells sooooooo nice).

library or foyer. like we have any other choices. one, full of distraction. another, full of silence. hohoho. both ways, they are not helping at all. ezie suggested DOME. i was like WAT? tat is the last place I would go to man! she can study there but i totally goner yo. DOME = wash eyes. Coffee Bean = wash hands huhuh. Starbucks = wash balak huhuu. the last time we went to DOme, it was awfully weird lah. serious! there was totally no-one in the big spacious cafe except for 2 persons sitting right at the back whom we could hardly see when we first arrived. oh yeah. tat was during fasting if im not mistaken. frankly, the fella who served us was GORGEOUS. grrrrrrr. hey ezie, is that the reason why u wanna go DOME? huhu. a motivation indeed! hehe.

eh eh. i hope that engine-turned-bisnes boy is still around yo. hahaha :P more details coming up SOON.

i will be in melaka for the weekend + post-new year. so hear from me soon about the trip.



Farah said...

tanx dearest Gz!! Tanx for the wishes and I wont forget our upcoming plans and so. :D lookin fwd for the meet ups. come back soon, aitez!! :D