Thursday, January 18, 2007

laugh till u drop TEARS

frankly, have you ever like laughed that till ur jaw seemed a lil sore or tears start to accumulate at sides of your eyes ? trust me, for I have been in tat situation zillionth of times and more like half of those who know me too well really can vouch or vote me for the most WICKED laughter. as the old saying goes, "don't laugh too much cos next to come will make you in tears like hell" (hey, tats REALLY direct translation from malay yo! haha).as for the baby above, hes enjoying his daddey's moves which i guess should be hilarious(*or silly huhu*)to HIM only hoho. ticklish heart that made him really laugh his heart out, uhh what a lil cute happy-sh baby. AND for u big babies out there, trust me that old saying, sometimes does come true so watchaouttt!