Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fox vs YouTube. 1st-leg : SIN vs THAI. Imran Ajmain

and the universe are happily downloading/viewing them. LOL(*diabolically*).


i donno why but i seemed to have the longing for GIORDANO printed tshirts!! haha. not the crew-necked plain ones ok. these are PRINTED texts of gold or silver! isnt tat cool or what? im so glad finally someone or a group of people in Giordano has that creativity sector of their brains to actually come out with such cool text designs. afterall, not ALL of its texts attracted my attention except for a few. lemme see, i have like 4 of their such designs currently and most probably will continue to grow IF those brain juices are not left wasted! hehe. oh ya, i remembered one cool design of a 64mb MMC. haha. such a waste that it did not come with of black, ugh!

tomoro, me, ezie and farah along with her fren are going to join the massive at the 1st-leg finals. frankly, i have never been to any soccer matches except for the ones back in polytechnic. so, tomoro will be my first and definitely the last cos the stadium is gonna be teared down anytime soon. my back is killing me ouchie!

Below is a song by Imran Ajmain, titled "Ghaibmu".

The arrangement sounded kind of weird at first. However, that weirdness kind of turned into acceptable mode to my ears haha. unfortunately, it cant beat Loneliness la. HAHA