Friday, January 05, 2007

Summit. Maxis. [Prison Break]. MERYL STREEP

because of my total forgetness of my hotlink simcard, i had to get a new one and yeah, i have to register AGAIN. sigh. looked up at the website for the nearest prepaid registration outlet. my ultimate aim of staying here is to get my hostel fees safely to the finance counter. hey, i went out quite early like 10am (ok, u wouldnt want to know what time i NORMALLY wake up when im in sunway haha. my dear monashians can vouch for that!)

Flashback: On Wednesday 3rd Jan, the finance counter looked pretty ugly as in, it was way too crowded that i was appalled that my queue tic stated "Waiting in queue: 97" ! OMG. biler nak game like this? sux.

Thursday 4th Jan: A different layout as compared to yesterday. They have finally managed to realise and improve the situation by adding temp counters. i went up to the ticketing gal and took a queue. thank god, 3 in queue. happily i went to get a seat and while waiting, hmmm..i had to do something before i make the payment. wat was it? *PRINGG* the hostel advice slip! sux. i went over to the computer and it wasnt working! i was like OH SHOOT! tell me, this is not happening. i asked the ticket gal, and she asked me whether i asked from the hostel management. i was like NO.hw am i supposed to know that ur comp is down. sigh. and there were only 3 in my queue. and yes, she said y not i go and get the slip frm the hostel first then come back and see whther im still in queue??!!!! wat the! if i were to walk back, it takes 5 mins. Get the slip, 5 mins. Go back again to counter, 5 mins. Thats 15 mins total and u think im still in queue? thr goes the tic into the dustbin. watever.
waste no more time, i went straight to summit.

yeah, this is the most interesting part. went to the mall directory to search for this mobile outlet and it wasnt anywhere on it. Goodness. THANK GOD that i saw a Maxis shop at the corner. this incident, i just cant forget. i stepped in and there were 2 chinese ladies.

Me : Can i register prepaid card here?

Lady (with the bitchy attitude) : Nombor baru atau lamer

Me (already started to feel irritated): Nombor baru

Lady (with 'bochap' tone) : Nombor and IC

I handed over my number and my INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CARD with the citizenship SINGAPOREAN boldly stated on it. In my heart, this lady is such a B****.
She started to fill up the form.Then suddenly,

Lady (WITH A SMILE AND ACCEPTABLE TONE THIS TIME) : Can I have your date of birth ?

You see, how different it was when i initially stepped into the outlet and to the moment i handed my identification. GOODNESS. did some roundings and dropped some cash by Reject Shop followed by Secret Recipe. Heavenly Dory Fish with Lobster sauce and Chocalate Indulgence cake. Yum yum. I guess i was too hungry that i left no leftovers on the plate except for the cake.

Prison Break ends at episode 13 or what? The last ending was such a heart-pumping. FBI Agent Mahony got killed by Paul infront of Lincoln and Michael. OMG. i was so totally in shock. Didnt see that coming actually. and seeing Michael cry with his tears rolling, its so the sad. sob sob. don cry baby. huhu.

Devil Wears Prada. Superb. I am so in love with Meryl Streep. Shes damn bloody diva watever u call it. Excellento.


[ e z z y ] said...

hello darling.
haha yes, it's appalling but then again it's nothing new in M'sia.
i was reading the whole Dome issue and suddenly i felt like, OMG i can't wait to return to school! HAHAHAAAAAA.
i miss everybodehh.

[ e z z y ] said...

i tried posting before this, but i dunno if it works, anyway i read the about the Dome issue and HAHAHAHA omg i can't wait to return to school! i miss everybodehhhh.

jee1633 said...

OK. i was back in uni. i went over to the FOYER. went to BURGER BOYS. lunch at MEDAN and lepak at PINK. hell yeah, me too just cant wait to start sem and finish off the bl**dy course. HAHA