Monday, January 15, 2007

Rudeness and impoliteness yet again

i wonder what has happened to the gracefulness of yet some singaporeans whom i am not sure what have made them into that kind of human beings. outspoken? or purely being rude. or has their life routines cultivate them into what they are now?

over the weekend, i have witnessed not one but TWO separate incidents on separate days involving middle-aged Chinese woman each. ok, the bestest part is that their opponent happened to be my own elder sister and the other, a 30-plus Chinese young man who happened to be with his family, being on 2 different events. (while arguing, he was actually carrying his little daughter with him). well, i am not going to elaborate on what had actually happened but i am appalled that it involved the kinda of similar women, most probably more or less same age, a parent themselves and yeap, rude , too much rambling from their filthy mouths andmost importantly, do not want to lose out in the argument(tak nak kalah gitu ar). they wanna make a small issue into a whole big one and cannot be at least be more polite with gestures and words. the argument with my sis was not that bad as compared to the latter. the latter took place at a food outlet, mind you. with the people around having their food, witnessing that kind of drama once in a while, it seemed hilarious to some of them BUT not to me, cause i myself was involved in the similar agenda the day before. as what sis said, even people from the same ethnic group can end up in an ugly quarrel. UGH.