Thursday, January 25, 2007


me to elder sis 3: kak, snap for me please?

elder sis 1 : yeaa, like you are at one chillin country la

me: make sure dont include the mrt track !

them : ???

ok i know how selengeh i was BUT nevermind, since we were waiting for ayah to fetch us so yeaa..i wasted time huhu.


me, diana and yc. when was the last time we actually meet up together ? i dont remember. we had dinner at Earle Swensens @ Vivocity where their menu was exorbitantly priced. However, we discovered (thank you to myself, haha!) that actually every main course INCLUDES an all-you-can-eat salad buffet priced at $10++ which was absolutely delicious + made us horribly full. i tell you, for the next time i can just get the salad buffet and some other finger food.


farah kept saying i looked cute in the cap (*wink wink to farah*) and that white label on my forehead, THAT IS SOOOO UN-COOL! HAHA


ok, aku tak tahu bual bahasa turkish ar haha (donno how to speak in turkish) but that doesnt mean we can miss these marvellous Turkish food recommended by ezie. Turkish Station at East Coast Park opposite Macdonalds. it just felt so great tasting some food that is so foreign to my tastebud hehe


i acknowledge them as twins cos they are of the same size, height (*coughcough*), build, hair texture and if they were to wear similar colour for their tops, confirm chop The Lost Twins haha.

ok, i have bloody lots of pictures stored but ugh i m just too lazy to figure out which one to post. so, i m so gonna have sequels of randonmness next time, ok!