Tuesday, January 23, 2007

medic students. Hazami.

i spent some time exploring some other blogs and checking out whats in store in their daily lives AND it happened that i came across a MEDICAL student from NUS. he wrote on what he had learnt so far and with all those medic jargons made me like HUH! and Woah! and a confession from me is that the only medic-related word i know is GREY'S ANATOMY!! HAHA. crap, i know. its just how interesting it seems about this fella and how he described his happy, happier and happiest uni life with buddies around. isnt that great huh! and i spent like more than 20 freaking mins figuring which one is him in his photos cos his name sounded malay but all i can see are chinese-s haha. so it made me read and continous reading with the anxiety to seriously see who he is led to a freaking discovery that he actually look like one haha(*no wonder not an instant recognition ugh*)

another blogger who happened to be a Monashian also, hail from singapore and is now currently in hmmm i forgot which aussie campus haha. anyway, hes a medic student also(*wink wink*). both of these two actually had just completed their first year but what i can actually derive from the way they blog is that the latter's knowlege in medicine is of much apprehensive to a very quite high standard as compared to the former's. the monashian's deep reading on his specialised field of study must have helped him alot in his studies hence i guess he must have aced most of his papers recently. its just so interesting to read from his blog and other quoted motivators and respected surgeons and doctors from his field (ok, why the sudden interest in medical pple ? HAHA)

ok moving on to this singer Hazami from Malaysia. He has been in the entertainment scene for quite a while but it seemed that his star started to shine like around 2 years ago i think of which another of his hit song titled "Kata" which won him Best Vocal and Pop Rock category in one of the Anugerah Juara Lagu(AJL). what i find interesting about him is that hes actually a BSc Engineering graduate from Brunel University West London (ok, i got this from his official website, http://www.hazami.com.my). Also, another interesting fact is that he is a vocal trainer so yeaaaa...it means hes damn good in using his singing techniques properly unlike some other singers who don't, hence causing the hearing-impairment to some listeners, haha. i find one of his songs titled "Mungkir Bahagia" is so well-written as well as composed magnificiently by himself and the lyrics was by him and a co-writer. Of late, in the latest AJL, "Mungkir Bahagia" won him Persembahan Terbaik (Best Performance) award (see video below!) and i find it dramatically + emotionally-delivered and additionally, with the complement of his group of students' vocal + facial expressions, they definitely had made a wonderful + fantastic performance overall. Bravo!