Saturday, January 27, 2007

serious thoughts for you out there.

i hope things are going fine for yourself and family. i share your sadness over the recent incident. i know that you are under so much stress, from work as well as from what had happened. spend more time with her, maybe that will help abit. maybe she feels lonely and bored. u know when all are not around in the day and at night is the time to get together and bond. you are in the best situation to rectify the problem and more importantly, patience ya.

[exactly a month frm now, i will be dragging back to slay all dragons right to none, zero, nil to exist. o hail all knights, get ready for the battle of the century! ok im crapping i know.]

you know who you are. and this is for you. please wake yourself up from the non-reality. strangers in those rooms arent worth to be made "friends" with. i know you are lonely but hey....some non-beneficial stuff and where is the satisfaction ? i admit myself can get so carried away with this stuff but i tried not to. its hard but i have to. and the matter of fact is that my case is not as horrible as yours. yours could end up to the point of no return. think about pple whom you are supposed to take care of well. please dont abandon ur responsibilities. dont get too carried away . i made frens with "these kind of people" before. and you know jolly-well wat happened to me in the end right. think about it. i am not joking around.i am bloody serious here.

finally got the pics from ezie. cool.


Anonymous said...

hiya jee...if the second part of ya blog is meant for me...thank you gerl for ya concern...don't worry too much cos i believed sooner or later i'll see the light of truth here..i might not see now bt i hope with ur guys encouragement and prayers hopefully too..i'll see there are true love ones around me instead of clinging to nothingness..thank you jee...from the bottom of my heart and u know who am i..its Zuok01....see u around...