Wednesday, January 10, 2007

seoul garden.

bring me to seoul garden when im super famished, and its so worth the money! hello, i had nothing since the early hours (ok, minus off the hours till i woke up huhu) Seriously, i din know what happened to me there. Beside us , there was these 3 diners, a malay couple (guy is goodlooking, must i mention tat haha) + their ang-moh acquaintant perhaps. as i was about to lay the heavenly-looking + radiant chicken meat onto the sizzling + oily bbq plate, my hands pushed over my glass and the straw JUMPED over to the next table. haha! so the malu yo.and the straw was right onto his uncooked sotong plate. i think he was so shocked that he din bother to take the straw away. not even looking at their faces, i took away the straw and mumbled sorry. and yeah, my sis said sorry too. but haha. tat was so the very unsightful.

ok, tat is not so the malu situation yet enough. as i was about to finish off the dinner with chocolatechip icecream, there was a group of hmmm poly guys i think...gathering at the entrance where the cashier counter is.there were like 9 of them (yeah.... my aunt actually counted! hahha. How not we to realise and actually looking at them, cos we were sitted just infront of the entrance. haha) and somehow there was a mixture of ethnic groups -Malay, Indians, Chinese. hahha. COol! and u know, they were there like 20 mins or more, just to come out with the accumulated payment of like $207 for their dinning. haha. the supervisor was like with a calculator, calculating cost-per-person for them. Goodness! i was appalled! this malay guy was the one liasing with the cashier, and i think he himself was confused cos somehow, the price-per-person was not that right i guess. and YEAH, he exclaimed that it should be divided by 12 instead of 9! isnt that total SELENGEHNESS?! HAHA. i told dad, shouldnt they like calculate among themselves first OUTSIDE of the entrance and saving the shame of loitering at the entrance and practically, taking own sweet time counting $$ as thou like they couldnt afford it. Save the shame abit lah!

i told mum that at least these kids get to eat SEOUL GARDEN with frens. Look at me, the most i go to is MACDONALDS. YEAH RIGHT! HAHA.