Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kallang Wave!!

not a norm of me blogging this early (Time from Raymond Weil, 8.25am, haha!). i was from sis place after shouting and hearing verbal assaults by fellow singaporeans at the Kallang stadium yesterday. i swear, never in my whole life have i heard massive + foul words in abundance, haha! hey, but its kinda fun and humorous watching some bloody funny antics of hmmm these youngsters (i just wonder, is a 19 year old still referred to as a BOY ? haha *cough cough*). i get to do the Kallang Wave yo. never been in my life TOO, that i get to be part of this old skul stuff. hehe. im so glad that i went and thanks so much to ezie's fren for getting the tics for us(*ezie, he reminds me of someone, u know who thou farah said the other one looks much better, hoho. pls farah, go bother your own bestfren who's gonna FLY soon, HAHA*). farah brought along her fren, rose. cute macam farah jugak hehe (*suker ar farah*). anyway, thanks to me that my family got to eat mac at stroke of midnight cos i was so famished after the much anticipated event that i spent 26 bucks worth of junk food (*of which soon, goona go down the jamban haha*)

this morning in the car,

niece : wan beli kek, ader car

me : wah...myra , the car on the cake izzit?

niece : *keep quiet while staring at donno what*

me : *thinking whether its a toy car or a candy-photo of the car* mak, kereta betol ke kereta mainan ???

and i was like "kereta betol" ? wat the hell. haha. what was i crapping man. tats why, 6.30am is not the time for me to wake up YET. hehe. today is mum's birthday. me and sis surprised her with birthday song and probably later, there might be a plan else will make do for tomoro's makan fiesta! Foooodddddddd...


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