Thursday, October 04, 2007

Xbox Master.

what happens if a little boy as young as 3 years old gets an XBOX as his birthday gift???!!

I GOT SLAMDUNKED AND LOST TO HIM. how shameful is that!

i am talking about my darling nephew who spent nothing but most of his time on Xbox games. tats not about it, he got so agitated when i won for the first 2 rounds and for the next 10 rounds he won. dammit. haha. HOPEFULLY he gets into a polytechnic where there is that wat do call u tat course, the one with game software development and stuff? yeaaa, tat one....which recently this young malay poly guy got a number of awards and a place in a US uni where the experts in gaming were produced. cool heh. okayyyy...talking abt education, i still remember this very classic, unforgettable conversation i had with my mum many years ago. i think i was about to take my O Levels back then.

Mum : Jiji, belajar pandai pandai, nanti masok VI(now known as ITE) eh!

wahahahhaha..that is so unforgettable. and my job is to pass that line down to the smaller ones! hehe. okayyy, what she meant was actually NIE and not VI cos my sister was from there, so its like to follow into her footsteps! (me, teacher?!)

anyway, this is the XBOX master of all masters!

nothing to do, play around

The Loser is happy, life goes on wattttt! :P


far-- said...

best giler dapat xbox! jealous!

jee, jee. sayang jee. belikan xbox jee? haha.

jee said...

hehe! i belikan u ex-box(icebox) as in the FRIDGE, the mini one for Barbie can? hehe :)