Sunday, October 21, 2007

the SeOUL.

seoul garden @ causewaypoint got revamped. and its new look is awesome, now that it has Breeks too. a class of its own, its such a contrast to the rest of the restaurants around it. unfortunately, the cooking table + grill is not as spacious as before. why ?

despite this con, i enjoyed the food definitely.

andddd i bought this,

and i find it very cute, dont u? of late, i have this CRAZE for white shoes, now that i have 2 pairs.

there is a story behind this pair. the moment my eyes caught them, i wanted to buy BUTTT becos of my long feet, i needed the largest ever they have and so this guy came for assistance. okay, typically when one of the pair is placed at the top of stacked boxes, its accompanying sizes usually are along those stacked boxes. sooo, this fella, not knowing whats the model and code, i supposed, searched THE OTHER stacked boxes instead of below the pair. andddd he searched and looked and concluded that they do not have it anymore. me being me, wasnt that SATISFIED cos seriously i wanted this pair. and so, there i was SQUATTING and SEARCHING for my size, right BELOW the pair where the stacked boxes were. andddd voila, i saw THE size with the code WHITE. the reason why he didnt continue with the same stacked boxes becos the salesgal CARELESSLY placed 2 initial boxes with the code RED! thanks to my never-give-up that i brought it home now. andddd without further due, i somehow told him off in a very nice manner about him being sleepy/tired or watever had caused the fatigue (or blur or donno whats happening). hes a nice fella anyway, cos he did helped me out to search for my sizes initially. despite this, eventually i was a happy customer :)


[ e z z y ] said...

u know what, i still cant get enough of your hair. so adorable! and so are the shoes omg i think the other 2 are gonna squeal seeing you wear those shoes.

you becoming the next Minah Reben eh? (aka macam Momok) mwahahaha.

jee said...

HAHA. i forgot the whole thing about RIBBONS! anyway, u made my day. wahahha. :)