Wednesday, October 10, 2007

is it me only?

being a self-pledged fulltime MAID, i get agitated when things are placed messily or dishes are as tall as Petronas Twin Towers or even the slightest bit of food on the floor. all thanks to the three years AWAY from home. i had to sweep the floor + mop, wash own dishes, wash and hang and collect and fold own clothes, keep the MASS toilet cleannnnnn, keep the toilet bowl cleannnnn. in one word, to be HYGIENIC + ORGANISED. all this together in addition to the main point being there, to study. sometimes, i spent more time cleaning than even studying, whattt was i doing man.*smack forehead as loud as poss*
andd now, i dread cleaning my own room. sob sob. dust is as thick as okayyyy, its beyond description. LUCKILYYYY, i got my mum to remove the already million-years old blinds which i cant remember when was the last time i even clean it(or maybe i didnt at all!) and im gonna get new curtains for my rooommmmmm. huhuehehehehe. will put up the pic soon annnddd now im off to continue Phase 2. ohhh myyy! :(