Wednesday, October 31, 2007

morning blues.

waking up too early in the morning is not a norm for me.
what more, going to town in a morning whereas i can actually choose not to hehe. anyway, its a good thing for me thou. rise and shine yo.

i have to stay discreet of where and what i was doing in town BUTTTT the paranomic view from one of the higher level of the tower seriously amazed me man. how i wish at that time, i cud snap a pic. anddd damnnnn, there was a cool RED FERRARI too by a bar.

oh and this was wat i captured along the way. wats tat called? eye of singapore issit? ahaha. okayyy, isit operating rite now?

and i had the urge to eat Gelare (sorry cousin, aku cekik dulu) so here it is. hottt waffle with paralines & cream, topped with choc syrup for lunch! the gal didnt understand simple english as in the normal one means the small one and not the large one. geez. if i wanted the large one, i would have said "Get me the largest one u have!".
nevertheless, i enjoyed it! :)


[ e z z y ] said...

darlin, it's panoramic and pralines (:

paranomic relates to the paranormal and your lovely photo doesnt have any visible spirits flying around :D

i see a starbucks meetup soon yea? and ooh you might wanna check your stats in case The Weird One googled you and found your blog mwahahahaha. apparently friendster not enough ;)

jee said...

oooo i love you.
you have been my walking-dictionary andd indeed u dont disappoint me. thanks for pointing them out for me :)

okayyyy, care to assist me recalling back who is that "The Weird One"? im lost.