Wednesday, October 17, 2007

astronaut? "spaceflight participant"

then, they were so delighted and indeed proud of their first Malaysian to go up into space(btw, he is soooo HOT yo :))

now, things messed up by this mere designation name. spaceflight participant. to pray more than 80 times? (*shyshy*, i cant even make it to 5 at times :) on ground) and this in space, 75 times more!

some said it has got to do with politics yada yada, taxpayers' moneyy yada yada.

the only one thing i know, 1 HOTTTTT doctor got the chance to be up in space.damnest lucky to have that opportunity. they think easy heh to go thru all those trainings. see, malays what they like to do. complain complain talk talk complain. but whatever lah, its their country, their pride, their MONEYYY.

one more thing, i want to touch on. its such an eyesore when i see retired pakcik2 sitting at coffeeshop, talking like politician-wannabess, spending hours over only-God-knows number of kopis. oh well, its their life anyways. like wat my niece likes to say ..... WATEVER BOYYSSSS.