Friday, October 19, 2007

terkenang gue.

it was the time when i had nothing better to do (more like tengah membesar huhu). ok don laugh ok.

i was THE fanatic fan of SENARIO. seriously. i remember it was in 2000. and i even went down to Shah Alam Plaza Central to watch their sitcom recording with the rest of THE fanatics who were mostly gals of course including my cousin and aunt. wahahaha. giler kan. and my favorite was Wahid. went to their concerts even in JB. met up close and personal with them, sent them off frm airport and the best, wherever we went, they still remember us. huhu. it all started when aunt asked me along to their concert here way back. they were a hit here man. before the concert, all ads on their concert were splashed all over any forms of media. and i was commenting, what is so good about this Senario. andddddd until i wanted to find out for myself, i went to their concert and that was the beginning of my madness/gilerness/fanaticness of Senario. Apek and Yassin were the ultimate ones and Wahid was the cute and goodlooking. anddddd, like a typical ending, my fanatism towards them ceased when Wahid got married(wahahhahahha, no interest lah) anddddd apek and yassin left the group but still i continued my friendship with the fanatic fans whom i was so closed to.

things dont turn out quite well. u know, when u have lots of friends. unhappiness, bitching, gossipping. i left. went for my studies and the rest did their own stuff. all walked away but some turned out to be best friends which is great. and i dont watch the sitcom anymore. no more of their vcds i have watched. their concert vcds all are stored in the cabinet collecting more dust :)