Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a memory.

finally i had the chance to sit down and edit my graduation convo vid. and indeed, it shall bring alot of memories down the lane. i giggled as i watched the vid and i was seriously fortunate that my bro was around to capture the whole ceremony from the start till end :)

candid shots are the best. seeing my own self with friends, how i behaved with/around them captured on vid, its like...i laughed at my ownself repeating the scenes and i wonder wat was funny that we unashamedly was laughing abt! okayyy, that showed how happy i was around them :) there might or might not be a chance that i further my studies in future which depends ALOTTT on my will heh. and i wish that i will meet similar friends who bring joy and happiness along the way im going :)

paths were created, paths met, paths crossed. we meet, we leave. helping to make a difference or to add joy to the sadness.to learn from the experienced, to guide the first learners. pray and pray alot for wat u want, and one fine day, it shall be granted. :)