Thursday, October 25, 2007

no offense.

no offense but ITE students are seriously good at singing. not that ITE student population comprises of mostly malays which i am trying to focus here buttt seriously, they are talented bunch of people. are there like talentimes/concerts or wateva happening over there? :) i happened to surf Anugerah 2007 participants and hell yeah like wat..err 90% of them are/were from ITE. i read that one of the ITE lecturers who was just awarded with some best teacher honored by the ITE, mentioning that the students are indeed very good in singing/art and so she adopted teaching skills along that line. how fascinating is that, to be in a class and everyone starts to cite poetry, sing, play piano and strum guitar. interesting heh.

anddd being me, i like to observe whoever and whateva anddd so i find that singers(not ALL) has that layered teeth u know, somewhere at the side definitely not front! to name a few like Dayang Nurfaizah, SITI (on her right side, nice layered ofcos), misha omar(?), fauziah latiff yada yada. its kinda weird thou to have this thinking but having seen alot of female singers esp, upfront and zoomed in into their mouth sometimes(!), i bet this might be quite true of which when u have layered teeth, most prob when u open it up to sing, it might turn out good ! so go and find out ur true inner talent! haha. okayyyy, i hope i dont dream of teeth tonite!


[ e z z y ] said...

oleh kerana i haven't chipped in my 2 cents' worth, this comment will be grandma-long :p

firstly, YES whatsup with their teeth man. with all their money, can't they do something to their teeth. or for all you knowwww, they purposely made it that way ah cos it will magically make them have good voices LOL.

secondly, hahahaha cannot carry! your literal translation damn funny. that sheikh whatever his name is. (second name bears a large resemblance to er..nvm)

thirdly, HWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA about the laughing over funny shit about someone and receiving instant dolat. u know, everytime i take a look at his facebook photos and see our constructive comments, the vision of us laughing like crazy women at the foyer table while eating burger while sunway people were studying, can just make me ROFL. in case you've forgotten, lemme quote for you..

Caption: A cow got stuck in the bushes
(padahal it's neither a cow nor a bush, what more bushes)

"bushes lu dah botak ar"-Jee
"buta eh?"-Farah

i need to teach him english soon.
*prays for no dolat this time*

eh jee when you check your stats, do you have an i.p address coming from monash in victoria, aust?
cos i do. and it's a regular visitor. u know what this means.

lastly, hope all's well Jee. don't worry, parents don't usually mean what they say the way we hear them cos it's impulsive and it comes out wrong sometimes. take care yea.

(i'm tearing now hahahaha)

jee said...

thanks to monash paper which u just have completed tat hell yeah its a long BUTT entertaining one. u mean u mean u mean, resemblance to.. okay, nvm. HAHA. i knw u knw.
yesh. tat HAIRLESS/BUSHLESS tree. goodness. that was so bloody funny and yes surrounded by pple who were studying and with burgers. if i didnt switch on my laptop, it wouldnt be that entertaining AND/OR saddening nite that day! :)
geez, i miss those days man!

thanks for your more-than-2-cents'-worth gal. and yes, i have gotten over that incident. well, "tak dipanggil mak, kalau tak terkeluar macam tu" hehe :)

[ e z z y ] said...

woits. u belum answer my question regarding the ip address :D
just curious to know if you have that regular visitor too. cos if you do, then in the words of the msians here, "kantoiiii".


jee said...

oh that visitor. ader. tapi biarlah. tat visitor should have a blog too u know, for the sake of errrr, improvement of err, u know wat i mean.


jee said...

alamak, i dont want/dont intend to hear tat word "kantoi" coming out from your mouth. it sounded SOOO awfully wrong. HAHA.