Monday, October 22, 2007


last time it was Mawi.

then Hikmah.

now its Mimpi Manis.

the craze was an ultimate one. i was not one of the keen followers. the gelek2 lilis, shes seriously "WALLOPCIOUS"! hahah. in ALL senses! and the way she dance and gelek, to the right, left, to the front and back. all the same, repetively. buttttt, coming to the part where she has a daughter (played by the same fella), it kinda pulled some interest of mine to catch it due to the existence of Tora (Dora wahah), the seriously heavenly goodlooking actor. other than that, on and off. i didnt even get to watch the very last episode. from my parents, to my sisters, to my bro-in-law, to COUSINssss and worst, broinlaw bought THE karaoke dvd andddd yeaaaa, everyone got a piece of it that now almost every morning my mum plays the vid. goodness gracious.

now it is craze on Hikmah 3. eee, i hate marla.