Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hip hip hooray!

today is the day which made my day and good things happened.

first, i had my first visit at new Starbucks @ Civic Center Woodlands, to be served by a very welcoming, friendly barista who was so friendly to the extent of sharing with me the last outlet he was attached at ANDDD where he lives which is sooooo nearby. bloody beaming man, thats the way customer service is. seriously made my day, seeing that i had Caramel Machiatto near lunch, which was heavenly made. very nice chap!

secondly, soon there will be a SURPRISE which i get to know that someone is taking up a challenge and im so cant wait for it :) (you know who you are!)

last, what can be so much nicer to be remarked of, in ending my day other than receiving good/overwhelmed comments like "very good", occasional nods to indicate GOOD/"thats the correct way it should be done" butttt too much of it, might make me too overconfident anddd so, i took it everything butttt not lah sampai "KEMBANG/tersengeh-sengeh/shiok sendrik" or so watever. as what i have mentioned in my earlier post, my ultimate aim is to pass for the first time anddd if lets say, its fated i were to fail, lets hope it stops at the 2nd attempt. to give it all is to give 100% focus. no nonsense anymore. no chatting. no laughing. 100% give-it-all. Period.