Wednesday, October 31, 2007

food o food.

we had good food today with my family @ Breeks (Changi Airport). well u know, with kids around, tendency of asking for more serviettes, more straws, more cups is higher and i was like a part-timer/maid who kept cleaning up the mess done by these 2 mischievious yet adorable kids.

and they wanted icecream sooo i randomly ordered a Massive Attack. and hell yeah, i was shocked when it came. seriously massive. as big as my head!

we were happy and we turned crazy...

anddd this is SADAKO's only child ORRRR more like JU-ON's sister! wahahhaaha.

but watever it is, they made my day :)

now, side-track.

i wanna say something. something about students. specifically, secondary school ones esp the same race as me and the same gender as me, in where?


first, they are in groups of say not more than 5.

second, how short their school skirt can be with the watever styled hair they carry to school.

the last, i cannot carry is when they LAUGH/GIGGLE and TALK with the maximized volume they can turn on. and sometimes with the inappropriate words like "sial", "bodoh", "sual" etc.

i have no qualms with guys projecting those foul words buttt to come from a girl.