Monday, October 08, 2007

i REFER to.

my current background is from the following link

justtt in case, someone notices this and make a big fuss that i did not cite where i got it from :). talking abt citations and references, during uni i didnt actually write essays, reports that much or rather its actually close to none.
its all about :-

1.programming analysing & designing, UML notations bla bla bla
3.dry, confusing stuff like formal methods, operating systems bla bla bla

and sooo, when final year project was coming to an end, i was supposed to write a final project report. andddddd guess wat! i was asked to REDO the whole report(i was already happily submitting it right after my presentation!), esp the bibliography format. dammit. what to do. just did it accompanied with verbal abuses and got it done, over and poofed! even thou its 1 mark close to High D, butttt i still like you, Mr ****! hehe.