Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the urge.

from one vid leading to another vid.

anddd i found this.

the movie title is Mann. if im not wrong, right after this singing-dancing-happy moment, the gal got into an accident where both of her legs got amputated whichhhhhhh brings me back to the many incidents back in sunway, whereby we were soooooo bloodyyy happy like nobody's business, then somehow, something badddd and sadddddd would follow after that! HAHA. i am serious. okayyy, now i can recall only one incident. me, ezie and farah. we were laughing and crying over jokes which we made about SOMEONE which were quite horrible BUTT very funny serious shit. sampai nangis2 woh. and sooo farah drove her way back home while me and ezie walked back to hostel. as we were about to reach the entrance, farah called and cried over her breakdown vehicle. huahahhahahah. :)
and there were quite a number of them lah, i cant remember except this very significant one :) :)