Sunday, October 28, 2007

19 more days.

okayyy this is it.

my TP test will be on 17 Nov 2007. yes yes, this year, next month. not the long further next year already. wahaha. i dont expect too much from this first attempt, seeing the fact that most cant make it on their first EXCEPT for someone(huhu) and those who have motorcycle license in hand!

one thing that knocked my sense came last week when my instructor reviewed that i am very good in circuit BUTT when it comes to the road, i lacked confidence. okay, y is tat so? because when there were hazards, i had the tendency to tell him of their existence and sooo he assumed tat must be it. lack of confidence. and soooo, i took the next practical but this time with a not-familiar chinese instructor who was quite stern and so, i drove, no talking and concentrated 100%. well, not tat bad actually. i just needed full concentration on my part. seriously, i want to pass for the first time (who doesnt??!!) andddd for the first time, i had my parents both in the car and did some rounds around a deserted carpark near my place. auto car is definitely easier than manual and cousin, i will be expecting you to pass on your first oraits!


[ e z z y ] said...

thank you thank you *takes a bow*
wanna know the trick?
get scolded like crazy in the car by your instructor and then cry in the most sedih way possible during the debriefing session.

confirm pass.
(i'm still traumatized ok haha)

nah you don't need to resort to that. you can do it!

jee said...

okay, tat pic of yours is still "terngiang-ngiang di dalam ingatanku". :) :)

oh btw, i caught one of the tester's face. macam siakkkkk!