Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is cool. i like it. yeay!

this is so convenient. i mean if im on the go somewhere where there is wirelessSG, i can just swear and blog if anything pops up. u know, its the kinda busy period esp this coming weekend. i am just hoping that at the new place, not alottttt of hiccups will happen. God, pls help :)

on a lighter note, i feel like getting my ass now to hmmm, maybe a drink @ Starbucks after i settle my mobile bill of which they EXTRA-INGLY charged me 5.80 for a month of free value-added services. i have made the call with much composure which is quite unlikely of me. but this round, at the other end of the line i think it might likely be a malay lady, so why spoil someone's mood on a Sat morning who already have to bear calls from other UNREASONABLE subscribers, perhaps. hehe.