Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been there yesterday and basically, in layman terms, Earth got displaced. And being a Singaporean who has not and wish not to experience extreme tremors of any kind, the effects are quite disturbing. That is to me. Overall for effects, I give it an 8.

Ah, I forgot. I recalled. I felt a heart-weakening jolt when I was in Petaling Jaya. While seating on the chair slogging for my practical, I felt my chair jolted. Dumbfounded, I looked around. I felt the floor jolted man! A few hours later, probably through the night news there was indeed a tremor from Indonesia. Luckily when I moved to the top floor of the hostel during my final year, nothing similar happened. Btw, the top is 25 and I mean it seriously, it was such a PAIN to climb up the stairs when the lifts were under maintenance during a weekend! Stupid Management!

FT Island's website is not in English. Sucks bigggg time lah. :)

Nevertheless, I love their Sarangalhee.