Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year 2009.

a brand new year. a fresh start. :)

but first, to Istifarah who is definitely busy with her darling in KL or wherever you guys are, Happy Belated Birthday, The 25th. this lady keeps saying shes old but hey, me? ancient. :) people get old, no worries lah. so which hotel? huaha.

so what happened to me since i last blogged.

1) was at sgp flyer. frankly, there is nothing much to oo-aah about except for the "top of the world" moment.

2) i couldn't resist mall-hopping.

3) because of point 2, i couldn't resist splurging on rings. i was crazy over them. thank god, i told myself to stop this crazy habit. but i like them. who doesn't? it started with the silver then the humongous glittering stones. i gave some silvers away because i ended up realising that i do not need them and being the generous soul, other people wanted them so why not. :)

2009. what i have to do is less shopping because i think i have spent enough. probably for the next 6 months, window-shopping is my main itinerary. furthermore, i am very good at intervention. if you need someone to decide whether you should make that purchase, probably you think you are splurging or on the spur of the moment think that you WANT it, i am good at saying NO. so i save your day, yeay. i do not buy something suddenly. when i keep returning to the shop looking out for that item, i would be so ready to pounce on it the moment it is on promotion or i have looked somewhere else in vain. or another method, within the next 4 days, if the salesgirl gives you the impression that you are attempting to shoplift, i think you should just buy it :)

no new year resolution for me. i just hope 2009 will be smooth-sailing for me. Insya'allah. :)


M0m0k12 said...

Thanks Jee... hehe.. miss u lah!! Will be back spore soon.. yay!! looking fwd!! :)