Saturday, May 09, 2009

much awaited break and FOOD GALORE!

The much long awaited break has come. I was in sunway since yesterday and my main agenda was to shop for clothes. Why out of so many places? Cos its way cheaper here as compared to back home. 6 tops for $98. Who doesnt want! Well, at least i m a very happy woman now.hehe. my main objective has been met yesterday plus the little ones' stuff. So its siblings' stuff today. 3 hours in the same departmental store.can u imagine that. I was beyond tiredness actually and abit agitated at the end of it cos i couldnt take it. Finding tops for others and deciding over their sizes, whether they can fit it or not, hehe.i tell u, it was tiring. Didnt know getting tops for others is tis tiring until today which i swear will be my last. Actually, it was mum's idea and in the end, i paid for them, hehe. Well, once in a while its ok. They couldnt join us, too bad la. sunway pyramid is getting bigger and there are lots of shops man. But, not every of them are buzzing with crowds.but one thing for sure, no one will get hungry here cos i counted, there are around 112 cafe/snack bars/restaurants/fastfood/confectionery. And, im in one of them, where else but starbucks by the sunway lagoon. Enjoying mocha frap and american baked cheesecake.

They didnt have this here - American Baked Cheesecake

Food is a never-ending story here. even trips to Wendys and Subway, i dragged my parents with me hehe, including Baskin robin!

Woohoo, we're loving this.

They really enjoy our favorite makan place just beside the inn we are staying. Macam ader share je. Every single time we were here, for sure we would drop by to eat. And the makcik at the counter will always ask me, "maseh belajar lagi?". This time, in case she asks again mum is too shy to tell her that we are here to shop and eat so, "jumpee kawan mak kat sini" was the planned answer. And it did happen, she asked. The eating place is called Restoran Sri Bidara, RSB in short. It is located right beside Sunway Pyramid. This is a place where you can find mostly MAN United's banners decorating their walls. If you like having your dinner outdoor, they have it there too with big display screens for you to enjoy news/MTV/the ever-favorite EPL matches.

After hours of window shopping and spending which i think i sud seriously stop for now, i can finally rest my poor feet. Pictures of food below are those that i miss since i left this place. Btw, there are missing company. Gals, if u read this, probably u gals are bz with exam preps etc. we will catch up soon ya! Oh, next on the menu tonite, maybe i will see SOP EKOR! I wanna eat steak!

And i got my juicy steak :)

Juicy tender chicken satay @ RSB.

My must-have cheese nan @ RSB.

They prepare this by sticking the dough onto the wall of this big hot barrel, wait for it to bloat abit and its cooked. have it with this special sauces and even lagi best, TANDOORI CHICKEN. YUMMY!

Had this for breakfast and check out the fish on the right. who eats nasi lemak with IKAN KELI haha.

the story about this ikan keli. i didnt know how to eat this ikan keli until one fine day, i tried it and never stopped hehe. back during old days, i had been observing fellow coursemate's lunch plate and he described this fish as "very very crispy" as its deeply-fried especially its tail. it doesnt have that kinda fishy smell and i just have to try it. following that day, this deep fried ikan keli officially became my must-have item especially with vegetables and kuah lemak, woohoooo. aiyoooo, best la! and recently, i got to know that they breed in padi fields, huhu.

Surprise surprise, ex classmate Ferdi was there. Double-ly surprised, while we were doing some catching up, came the couple who were at the counter with the gal digging notes from her new wallet, haha. We were talking about you before you appeared, speak of the devilooo. About whether you still remember Ferdi, hehe. Ezila and Aqel, very nice to meet you two there plus Yani and Remi who were there too for dinner :) Nice to see familiar faces at old place heh.

Before this trip, I had Carls Jr at Vivocity with officemates and first thing i asked the ehem Malay gal(I think so she is cos her name sounds like one), whether they serve pork, I ended up with cheesy fries only which was oh well, not to my expectation. its the chewy kinda cheese and i was expecting something like KFC's cheese fries but much better judging by its price. And so, I didnt wanna miss my chance of getting Carls Jr burger there. It was a rush actually. Did my last round of shopping before we headed back home and popped by Carls Jr. Its my first time so I didnt think much what to eat so I just choosed something based on my instinct. This big fat juicy looking mushroom cheese burger which cost me RM18 and another slightly smaller beef burger, which in total cost me RM 27. And when it touched my tounge, it was amazing la. Huge, juicy, THICK. hehe. whats their line again ? some prefer it long, but others prefer it THICK ? heheheh.

I like it THICK @ Carls Jr!

All was just worthwhile. Sisters were happy with stuff which i bought.(pheww) Ah, i had my wish come true. After many failed attempts, it is nice being back at a place which i spent quite a while in :) and seeing familiar faces around. This is just Sunway, not yet other places where i used to hang out with the 3 little minies, hehehe. :) There's always another round heh!