Monday, September 28, 2009

the littlest things.

*tuning to RIA 89.7*

aurashai n hafiz glamour never fail to give my daily morning boost. suker betol @ both of them. very the kecoh. the teka-tekis & the sabo2, their gaji on every 25th hehe.

was in Kluang yesterday with cousin's family. hari raya visits to my aunt's and her children's. makan2 tak dilupakan untuk dinikmati esp kak ani's asam laksa. this is the thing. i have never liked the white mee laksa and i thought that i am going to despise it for the rest of my life. but i was wrong. just like how i used to not eating honeydew or bean sprouts last time, now i have learnt to swallow the white mee laksa. and it is not bad after all. so the saying is true after all. if you happen to hate something, sooner or later you will like it. it applies to human beings too :) or probably LOVING them hehe.

anyway, sometimes the littlest things in life which we miss noticing, when we ponder and look carefully into it, we will realise we have missed it big time. :)

we must learn how to laugh. how to love. how to appreciate. how to be grateful for what has been given to us.

do not be envious of other pple who receives more than us. because once the envy is permanently in our soul, whatever we have now will be gone in split seconds. so pls be grateful.

for those who have known me long but actually didnt know that i love nature. i love taking candid pictures of human beings too. i always have this conversation with my mother, about how nice it will be if we can spend hari raya @ kampung :)

<- we don't get to see these in sgp. ->

these are my cousin's children. except for the one in green, they are a little deprived. so the littlest things to us mean so much to them especially asking them to pose for photographs :) it's a bit heartening seeing them sometimes. but i can only see them once a year :)

this is part of my maternal side :)