Saturday, August 15, 2009

it is a 6-letter word.

this word makes my day and in fact, it will to others. it shows that customers are being appreciative towards our service and effort placed and the promise we made have been kept promptly. i like today or should say "yesterday" because of two things which are 1. i kept my promise and 2. thnk God its friday again :)

Singapore turned 44 last sunday and neither was i @ the stadium nor in front of the tv to watch the same old stuff. in fact, i joined the rest of the nation at shopping mall. probably i could be mistaken as a "foreigner" by other fellow singaporeans who were busy checking stuff @ Daiso as well! being among them, i received the vibes like who cares, those $2 stuff come first yo :)

recap : i enjoyed msia's national day via live firework displays @ 2 separate events. those are the closest to national day which i seriously enjoyed.

same routine, work work work. train, bus. bus train. of late, the train service disruption @ Pasir Ris. caught a Suria actor/calefare who works @ Jurong East Mrt Stn and was in action with his walkie doinkie. i have no idea what his name is. ah, after Fiza O, i would love to meet Sarah Aqilah, the newly-crowned winner for Anugerah 2009. Amazing vocal with WOW factor. she is going to make her cut, if you know what i mean.

i am gonna save more money to get either a PSP or keyboard, not the computer keyboard but the keyboard with nice tune coming out if i have the golden touch. hey, now anyone can self-learn. after my disappointing failure with guitar, hopefully history will not repeat itself and having to give it a pass. NO Way, Yes Way.

i am into this book called "Will She or Won't She?" and have yet to reach half of it and it is gonna be due next weekend. i have a strange thing when looking out for my read. this is soooo strange, believe it or not BUUTTTT i actually look out forrrrr the color of the book and it is PINK. yes. PINK. any shades as long it is PINK :) yes, it is weird of me.

i received compliments from the boss and a client and it read :

1. You have good initiatives, good attitude and has the charisma to wow customer. Your help to the team has never deminish since you cross from the incumbent company to ******* which your experience has been duly share within the team....

2. Glad to see that you have managed to brave through many challenging times during your work in *******. Keep up the good work. Well done!

How I so the wish that i get a raise or something!

BTW, the word is THANKS. :)