Friday, May 15, 2009

adam vs chris.

if you have not been following, adam gives me goosebumps when he sings and chris is so shy and goody2 type but when he performs, it just surprises me esp last night's 2nd performance, Heartless. he has potential. but for him to win the idol, well i am abit skeptical and it would definitely hugeee disappointment if adam doesn't, we never know. ah well he is already shining like a bigggg star! and i hv to add this, hes bloody tall. reminds me of imran ajmain :)

on a happier and lighter note, i am going to have an early weekend. with things going around in office for the past week, i need to break (*screechhhh). i am happy with things @ work. very nice and approachable and supportive manager with team mates whom i can get along well with. but seeing my members one by one taking a break, i just need to take one. BUT when i see the boss' face, i have a very strong feeling that he was abit hesitant. so, being direct i asked if there is any issue with me taking a day off, i was expecting really a No. hehe. well, its fair enough that i could handle things alone w/o complaining when my buddy is not around. so i dont see why not if its the other way round, right. ANYWAY, its long overdue :)

Helloooo early weekend!