Sunday, April 19, 2009

17 again : Taken

believe it or not. i slept for 17 hours. what was meant to be the "drink @ starbucks" actually turned out to be the "sleptOnBedForEntireLife" :). the reason probably must be the hectic nights which i spent over the past 2 weeks and thus returning home very late at night. it was like working for almost 10-11 hours everyday anddd yesterday was the ultimate longest sleep i have ever had so far i remember. the tiredness actually snow-balled. SO, that explains the luxury of spending time watching 2 movies. why did i watch 17 again ? it was because *drum roll* i find zac efron very nice to look at. and so i went. he has such outstanding features esp his eyes, nose and sweetttt smile and nice teeth too. the movie is just okay with abit of fun here and there. whats with MILF and teens lovy dovy stuff. go figure yo. next up, Taken. to me, this show is wayyy awesome. liam neeson at that age to be the lead, hmmm its kinda weird actually to see him killing EVERY
ONE singlehandedly. he reminded me of STEVEN SEAGULL! and the music in one of his fighting scenes so reminded me of bond. i give this movie multi-thumbs up seeing also the fact that its a no1 hit in US. the plot was plainly expected. nevertheless, from my point of view on one thing about movies getting into box office is that, if it reflects whatever is truely happening around the globe, the possibility of it becoming a hit is way high. oooohhhh, i loveeeeee when baddddd men get killed/tortured. bad badddd mennnn.


nomad said...

if Zac Efron plays his cards right, he will be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood

whoisjee. said...

hehy. totallay agreeea!